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Should I Extend Or Get A Granny Flat?

If you have decided that it’s time for a loved one to move in with you then you might be wondering what the best way is to do this. Although moving in with you will make it easier for your loved one, especially if they need care or you just want to be closer to them, but moving can cause some issues.

Your home might not be suitable for an older person to live in, especially if you have a lot of stairs or if your bathrooms and kitchen are cluttered and complicated making them harder for certain people to manoeuvre.  

If this is the case then you might want to consider getting an extension, that way you can give your loved one a home that is close by and has all the features and functions they need, without having to comprise and modify your own home to accommodate them.

There are several ways you can build an extension but the most popular is to either extend or get a granny flat.

An elderly couple smiling at each other

What Is The Difference Between A Granny Annexe and a Granny Flat?

A granny annexe is an external extension that is built somewhere on your property, usually the garden. A granny annexe is a specially designed and purpose-built home that is made with elderly residents ease and comfort in mind.

They are often compact and one story but still have everything you could possibly need from a home. All of the family annexe granny annexes come with a fully fitted kitchen, choice of shower room or wet room and we annexe with one or two bedrooms depending on what you and your family need.

A granny flat is slightly different. A granny flat is usually a modified area of an already existing part of the house, often a basement, attic or somewhere that is deemed out the way of the main family living area.

The blueprints for a Ancillary Accommodation

Should I Extend Or Get A Granny Flat?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to both a granny annexe and a granny flat.

A granny flat can be cheaper providing you don’t have to make any major modifications to your house, but if you are having to add in facilities such as a bathroom and kitchen the process can start to add up. In some cases, you might not be able to make all the modifications needed to convert your home into a granny flat and it could be that trying to manage in your home is just as difficult as it was for your loved one where they lived before.

With a granny annexe, you don’t have to worry about moving things around and making sure that there is room for everything to fit and function as it should. At Family Annexe we make all of our granny annexes at our site and then transport and install the finished product for you when it’s ready.

This means you don’t have to live in a construction site while you wait for it to be finished and you won’t be left with a half-finished granny flat or face long invasive delays if something goes wrong like it might with a granny flat.

Even though a granny flat is designed for independent living, your loved one is still in your house and can feel like they don’t really have any independence at all. With a granny annexe, however, your loved one can feel like they have a home of their own away from the hustle and bustle of family life. In a Family Annexe granny annexe, your loved one can relax without feeling like they are in the way or like they are a spare part of your family dynamic but still be close enough that you know they are ok and they can always contact you if they need to.

Overall, getting a granny annexe is the only way to give your loved one the freedom and independence of living in their own space, whilst also being able to keep them close and be there to care for them in their old age if ever they need it.

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