how much does a granny annexe cost

How Much Do Granny Annexes Cost?

How long is a piece of string? How much do granny annexes cost is a difficult question to answer with just a sentence as the cost can vary massively, for many reasons!

In this blog we look at our prices, what you might expect to pay across the market, why we provide more value and the different types of annexes and why they vary in cost.

Average Granny Annexe Cost

In the UK, granny annexes vary in price from £50,000 upwards. The reason the price varies is due to the term ‘granny annexe’ being used for a wide range of buildings or solutions.

According to this really helpful resource from Checkatrade, the average cost of a granny annexe in the UK is £90,000.

The guide to cost also helpfully explains the difference between the types of annexe you may choose. These vary from converting a room inside your home, adding an extension, converting an existing outbuilding such as a garage, or adding a newbuild granny annexe.

With such a wide range of options to choose from and costs differing so much, it can be confusing working out how much you need to budget, or how much you should spend.

Here at Family Annexe, we specialise in bespoke granny annexes. These are partly built off-site at our facility then assembled on-site and connected to utilities such as water and electricity.

There are many granny annexe providers in the UK, providing similar products but with differing levels of service, and quality of materials included. It is also possible to buy granny annexes as a kit and instal them yourself or using a separate builder.

The cost for a bespoke granny annexe, including installation, varies between £60,000 and £200,000.

Again, this is a large variation but not all annexes are equal, and there are multiple expensive additions you can add on to your annexe too.

Our annexes cost between £61,950 and £106,950.

Obtaining an annexe for less than 60k is entirely possible with us because of the way our business operates.

Why Are Our Annexes Cheaper?

One look at our competitor websites and you will notice our annexes provide better value. We do often get asked by customers why this is when we’re offering such a similar product.

Family Annexe was founded just a couple of years ago, but we are a small business, based in South Yorkshire, with a team of highly experienced individuals and not a lot of overheads. We like to keep things simple.

Our lower costs are down to our team being so experienced in the prefabricated building industry and us having great contacts. We know where unnecessary costs can be reduced and know which parts of an annexe can’t be scrimped on.

In a nutshell, we just know how to build annexes in a more cost-efficient way, whilst still ensuring our product and service is of extremely high quality.

Cheaper isn’t a word we like as it has certain implications, but our annexes are of the same quality as ones you may see for double the cost.

Value Added Service

Not only do we provide cost-efficient annexes, but the service that comes with your new annexe adds additional value.

For example, our design and consultancy service are all included free of charge and one of the biggest benefits of using a provider like us – we include planning permission.

Planning permission is such a large part of the annexe process that some customers find it too daunting to deal with. With us, there is no such worry as we deal with planning on your behalf.

Again, we can offer this service because we have worked in the industry a long time and have access to reliable, expert advice on a contract basis.

How do I arrange an annexe quotation?

If you’re ready to take the next steps and find out how much your annexe will cost, please download our brochure below, or get in touch to book a consultation.