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Granny Annexe Monthly Running Costs

If you are looking for housing for an elderly loved one then a granny annexe might be a great, cost-effective way to care for your loved one at home.

A granny annexe is a great alternative to a nursing home which can be costly and home careers that requires you to pay for the home carer as well as maintaining your elderly relative’s house, even if they don’t need it anymore.

A granny annexe takes the stress and worries out of finding suitable housing for your loved one. You can pick and have a say in the final design of the annexe and they are smaller and more manageable than regular homes so will be cheaper to run.

What Is A Granny Annexe?

A granny annexe is a home extension, usually an external extension built in the garden. This extension serves as a fully fitted out and functional home, perfectly designed for your loved ones so that they can easily manage their new home.

A granny annexe is perfect for a loved one who doesn’t need constant care but can’t live on their own anymore. This way you can have your loved one close and can always be nearby if ever they need you but you don’t need to move your loved one into your home.

Willow Granny Annexe with Pitched Roof
Willow: Two-Bed Annexe

How Much Do They Cost To Build?

At Family Annexe, we have a range of granny annexes to suit you and your families needs. Our prices range from £55,250 to £105,250. Prices can vary depending on things like if you want a flat roof or a more traditional pitched roof.

Price can also vary depending on what you want in your granny annexe. We provide both one and two-bedroom annexes depending on what you need for your family.

We also provide the option to include items like handrails and bars if you are worried about your loved one falling and injuring themself. You can also choose to have either a bathroom or wetroom in your annexe depending on what is more suitable for your loved one.

If you want something more specific than what we have on offer then you can enquire about designing a bespoke annexe to suit whatever your loved ones require to live comfortably.

Bluebell Granny Annexe Shower Room

How Much Do They Cost To Run A Month?

Here at Family Annexe, we take care of all the boring and stressful things. We take care of planning permission and make sure your annexe is provided with water and electricity.

A granny annexe is so much cheaper to run than a house. They are smaller and more efficient, which makes it easier to keep cool in summer and heat in winter, which can save you a lot of money.

The cost of running a granny annexe can be included in the overall household bills. You can choose to have them included in the bills you already pay for the house, or then be separated and billed to two separate people.

Having the bills separated can mean the occupier of the granny annexe can pay for it themselves and can help them keep a sense of independence. This is great if you want your loved one close enough that you can check up on them but don’t want it to feel too much like they are living with you.

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Do I Pay Council Tax For A Granny Annexe?

Yes, you will have to pay council tax for your granny annexe. Council tax on granny annexes is relatively low and shouldn’t deter you from building an annexe if your loved one really needs one.

If the person living in the granny annexe is related to the homeowner for the property the annexe is built on then you may qualify for a 50% discount on your granny annexe council tax.

In some cases, you may be exempt from paying council tax if you are building your granny annexe for an elderly dependent who cannot live alone.

This varies from council to council so always check with your local authorities when it comes to discounts and exemptions.

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