Foxglove Granny Annexe Shower Room

Customising Your Annexe

Building a granny annexe for your loved ones means you can build a home for them that perfectly suits all their needs. By customing your annexe you can be sure that your loved one’s needs are being expertly catered to and you don’t have to worry about them living somewhere that isn’t suitable.

The Benefits Of Building An Annexe

Building a granny annexe is a great alternative to living in a care home or moving into a relatives house. by building a granny annexe you can ensure your loved one is always nearby and in reach if you need them but you don’t have to worry about getting in the way having to make any major modifications to your home.

All of our granny annexes are designed to be easy and manageable so that anyone can live easily and comfortably in them. This way your love can live a fulfilling, independent life but without the stress and strain of maintaining an entire household.

Bluebell Granny Annexe with Flat Roof
Bluebell: One-Bed Annexe

How Does It Work?

Designing and building a granny annexe is easy with Family Annexe. Here at Family Annexe, we take care of all the difficult and boring elements of building an annexe and aim to get it ready for your loved one as quickly as possible. We do this in 7 easy steps.

Step one – Phone Consultation

All of our phone consultations are free and you have no obligation to continue if you don’t want to.

Step two – Quote and Drawings

After the phone call well sent you some ideas for granny annexe plans and a quote for how much it will cost.

Step Three – Site Survey

Someone will come and do a quick survey to double-check measurements and make sure your garden is a suitable place to build an annexe.

Step Four – Finalise Build Spec

We finalise the design and add any customisation you might want.

Step Five – Planning Permission

Here at granny annexe we speak to local councils and get the planning permission for you.

Step Six – Building Your Annexe

We build the granny annexe at our site and then transport and install it for you.

Step Seven – Hand Over Of Keys

Finally, we give you a quick tour of your new granny annexe and hand over the keys.

Bluebell Granny Annexe Dimensions

Customising Your Annexe

When designing your granny annexe you get to have a say in every step of the process. we understand that everyone is different and what’s right for one person annexe might not be right for another person.   

That’s why with Family Annexe you can customise your granny annexe to suit your loved one’s needs. all of our annexes are designed with easy functionality in mind so your loved one will have no trouble manoeuvring and using the annexe.

That said we still have options for you to customise and personalise your granny annexe should you need to. For example, you can have a choice of bathroom or wet room depending on how much room your loved one needs and what will be easier for them.

We also have to option add handrails and bars to rooms like the bathroom to make using the facilities easier and simpler for them, especially if they have trouble walking or standing for long periods of time.

You also have a say in the visual and aesthetic design of the annexe. during the design process, you decide on all the finishing touches such as a colour scheme and tiles choices.

Bluebell Granny Annexe Shower Room

Bespoke Granny Annexes   

Here at Family Annexe, we have a variety of granny annexe designs to apeak to a lot of different people. we have a variety of sizes and features including granny annexes with one or two bedrooms. our annexes start from £55,250 and we are confident that we have the perfect granny annexe for you and your family.

If you have looked at all our annexes and don’t think any are suitable even with customisation then we also do bespoke granny annexes.

With a bespoke granny annexe, you can tailor it to perfectly fit the needs of your loved one. contact us today to discuss designing a bespoke granny with a free, no-obligation consultation.

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If you would like to find out more about granny annexes, get in touch with Family Annexe. We have six unique annexe models available, each providing a safe and cost-effective solution to elderly care.

Family Annexe has an efficient seven-step process, designed to make your annexe experience stress-free and enjoyable. This starts with a free, no-obligation consultation!