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Are Granny Annexes Suitable For People With Disabilities?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, are granny annexes suitable for people with disabilities? Despite their name, granny annexes are absolutely suitable for people with disabilities. Of course, they are a great alternative for elderly people, too. In this blog we will explore how granny annexes are suitable for people with disabilites.

Granny Annexes are a great alternative for relatives of any age who may have additional needs or disabilities.

For many reasons, we believe that annexes are the perfect solution. Though the designs may be similar, each is adaptable to the needs of the client.

Making Granny Annexes Suitable For People With Disabilities

Here at Family Annexe, we believe annexes are the way forward.

They offer a way for the elderly to maintain their independence, whilst still offering them the support and closeness they need from their family. And because of that close proximity, it can help prevent loneliness and isolation.

Six unique annexe models that all provide a cost-effective and safe solution for care. We offer a choice of one or two bedrooms and product adaptability to suit the user’s needs. This could be wheelchair ramps, wet rooms, or wider doorways for those with limited mobility.

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From those with additional needs to those who have disabilities, our annexe specifications can be adjusted to meet all the needs and requirements for each unique circumstance.


In terms of entering the property, wheelchair ramps and wider doorways can be added to the design for ease of access. Additionally, adding grab rails on doors provides reassurance and a bit of practical support.

Granny annexes are single storey so they are ideal for people with mobility issues who struggle with stairs. Because the annexe itself is only one storey, everything can be accessed easier as all the rooms are on one floor.

When granny annexes are being built, they’re built with the user’s needs in mind. So the lighting is effective and all the surfaces are even to avoid any trip hazards, and to allow wheelchair users to move around smoothly.

For those with mobility issues, the bathrooms in our annexes can be fully-fitted wet rooms instead.

The accessibility features are typically wider shower areas with grab rails, slip-resistant surfaces, and a seat. Lifts, toilet frames, and bath boards are all to help disabled users access and use the bathroom facilities without fear of falling.

The wider areas also can provide space to the carer of the user that helps them in their routine activities.

Closeness to Family

As annexes are built in the garden, the user will always be close to their family should they need the extra care and support. For those who are semi-independent, this is almost perfect. Your family can be on stand-by to help you with the tasks that you can’t do by yourself.


And for those tasks that you can do by yourself, you have full independence to do them. The annexes are self-contained accommodation builds, allowing users to retain their independence and privacy. You can experience living by yourself and completing tasks, but should you need help, it’s nearby.

Disabled Annexe Occupants


Family Annexe: Granny Annexes Suitable For People With Disabilities

At Family Annexe, we are proud to provide granny annexes suitable for people with disabilities. It is no secret that an annexe is a good investment for anyone who wants to stay close to home whilst keeping their privacy and independence.

However, our granny annexes are suitable for people with disabilities as well, so you don’t have to worry about looking for a house that meets your requirements. Tell us what you need and we can do it.

As a granny annexe is a self-contained build and a potential permanent home, planning permission is required. This is definitely an important thing to remember, especially when building a time schedule for the project.

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