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Nursing Home Alternatives

When a loved one needs additional care or support, many people believe that their only option is a nursing home. However, finding a quality nursing home close by, that has availability and is affordable is almost impossible. Nursing homes are notoriously expensive.

Plus, the disastrous impact of COVID-19 on nursing homes has many people questioning whether a nursing home is the right place for their loved ones.

Thankfully, nursing home alternatives are available. And we’re going to outline the most popular alternatives to nursing homes here:

Home Adaptions

For many families, having your elderly relatives home adapted can be a convenient, short term solution. With home adaptions and smart technology, such as personal alarms, your elderly loved one will be able to safely stay in their own home. They will be able to maintain their independence and you will have peace of mind.

As far as nursing home alternatives go, this is probably the easiest and cheapest solution.

However, home adaptions are only an option if your elderly relatives live nearby. If they live miles away, you’re still going to worry about them greatly. Plus, as mentioned, home adaptions are only a short term solution. And they can be pricey, which means they’re not usually the most effective option in the long run.

Another setback is the restrictions. Due to the layout and features of the property, some homes can only be adapted to a certain extent – and this may not be enough for your elderly loved one.

Moving Them In

Some people choose to move their elderly loved ones into their home. If you have the space, moving them into your home can be a good option. However, this isn’t possible for everyone.

Plus, this solution has plenty of drawbacks. For example, it can put a strain on the family, which can be challenging if you have children. And your elderly loved one may not appreciate the lack of independence (or peace and quiet!). They may feel as if they don’t have their own space, or as if they are a burden that needs to be looked after 24/7. It can put pressure on relationships within the family.

And if you are the main caregiver, you may find yourself struggling to juggle your home life, work, children and looking after your elderly relative.

granny annexe is a great nursing home alternative

Sheltered Accommodation & Extra Support

Another popular nursing home alternative is sheltered accommodation. It allows your elderly relative to have their space and independence, but in a setting that is a little safer than their home (and hopefully closer to you and your family).

However, like nursing homes, sheltered accommodation is often very expensive. And if your relative is not close by, you may have to pay for additional support, such as home carers. Similarly, finding sheltered accommodation nearby that is affordable and high-quality can be tough.

Granny Annexe

Have you considered a granny annexe? Granny annexes (or garden annexes) are excellent nursing home alternatives. If you have the garden space, you can have a stylish and cosy one or two-bedroom annexe build right next to your home.

The Benefits Of A Granny Annexe As A Nursing Home Alternative

You won’t have to move your elderly loved one into your home or fork out for expensive sheltered accommodation fees. Instead, you will invest in an exceptional home for your elderly loved one that is designed to fit their needs.

granny annexe from family annexe

Your elderly relative will be able to enjoy their own space and maintain their independence. Plus, you are right there if they need you. It won’t put a strain on the family or throw off the balance in your home.

Instead, you will have peace of mind that your elderly loved one is nearby so you can keep a close eye on them. They can be involved in family life and can be around to watch their grandchildren grow up.

Plus, if they need additional support in the form of home carers, you won’t have to worry about people coming in and out of your family home.

Family Annexe provides high-quality one and two-bedroom granny annexes across the UK. Our exceptional annexes start at just £55,250. And once you have bought the annexe, you don’t have ongoing fees like you would with a nursing home or sheltered accommodation.

Plus, garden annexes add value to your home. These self-contained annexes feature a lounge, a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom and a bedroom or two. You can choose from a flat roof or a pitched roof and larger annexes are available depending on your preference.

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