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What Else Can A Granny Annexe Be Used For?

A great way to create additional space for a growing family, a granny annexe doesn’t just have to be for your granny.

Of course, it is a popular option choice when it comes to caring for elderly relatives. But that’s not it’s only purpose. If you don’t need one for the purpose of care, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one at all.

They make the perfect cosy space for everyone, elderly or not. In this post, we’ll talk about the traditional use as well as other uses of granny annexes.

What Are Granny Annexes?

Traditionally, people that have elderly relatives who need support may want to be near them. Granny annexes fix any distance worries because they are built in the garden.

Building an annexe in your garden is a good alternative to care homes and retirement homes. Especially if your elderly relative isn’t interested in going to one.

These days, granny annexes are very efficient, self-contained accommodation builds. They provide independence and privacy to any person(s) living there.

Honeysuckle Granny Annexe

The Honeysuckle

What Else Can A Granny Annexe Be Used For?

Contrary to what people may think, granny annexes actually have multiple uses. Plus, they can be altered in design, layout, and size.

See some of our annexe projects to get an idea.

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Extra Space

If rooms in the main house are tight, having an annexe is a great way to provide the family with that extra space it needs. It could be a really cool hangout room for family gatherings or even a space for the kids to be entertained – games room, anyone?

Quite a lot of people actually want granny annexes for extra workspace. What about having an office all to yourself? A nice, quiet space that’s organised so you can get your work done. And it doesn’t just have to be an office workspace. If you’re self-employed, it could be your base of operations.

A studio for all those artists out there who need enough room for their creations and equipment.

Those are just a few examples of a workspace, though. If you already have a workspace in your house, then how about a space to relax? Did someone say at-home spa?!


The cost of owning or renting property these days is quite high. For any adult children that are struggling to find an affordable place to live, a granny annexe is an option.

They’ll be able to live comfortably without worrying about monetary issues, and they’ll be close by to family.

Speaking of children, we’re not all fortunate to have healthy and able-bodied children. Or perhaps you have a disabled relative.

A granny annexe would be quite ideal for them. They’re suitable for those with mobility issues as they are single story buildings. They’d have a space to themselves that’s (almost) completely their own.

Now, not all disabled individuals are physically handicapped. It may be a condition that affects them mentally or socially. Granny annexes would mean that they’re nearby for support, even if they’re not wholly dependent. It allows them to have some independence whilst also still being around the people that can help them most.

Renting Out

You can earn income by choosing to let out your annexe.

Of course, this will make the owner a landlord so they need to be aware of the new responsibilities they’ll have. Things such as structural repairs, health and safety checks, fire safety checks, general maintenance, and plumbing.

Of course, if you do want a granny annexe with the sole intention to rent it out, you may have to request additional features. Like a wardrobe, for example. As they are traditionally for providing support to elderly parents, they aren’t built with wardrobes.

You can learn more about renting out a room in your home with this guide by the government.

Council Tax

If your annexe is lived in by a relative, it can be the difference between paying full council tax and council tax that’s discounted by up to 50%.

If a dependent relative is living in the annexe, you are exempt from council tax. In this case, a dependent relative is:

  • Someone over the age of 65
  • Permanently disabled
  • Severely mentally impaired

Property Points

As a granny annexe is self-contained and a potential permanent home to someone, planning permission is required. This is an important fact to remember, especially when figuring out a rough time schedule.

Though your granny annexe can be rented out separately, it cannot be sold separately.

Planning permission has it stated that an annexe must remain ancillary to the main home. This means it must always be a secondary (necessary) support to the main house. Therefore, it cannot be sold as a separate dwelling.

Really, the point is that a granny annexe isn’t just for a granny.

If you’re interested in the other uses of granny annexes and would like more information, why not book a consultation with us?

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