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Why Should I Choose A Granny Annexe?

Many people in fortunate circumstances with enough outside space may have given thought to a granny annexe. Even if said thought was just fleeting.

Naturally, as with most things that are investments, there’s plenty of questions regarding granny annexes and the purposes they serve. The main stereotype surrounding annexes is that they’re only an alternative for care homes for elderly people. It makes sense, it was (and still is!) a common reason for annexes to be erected but it is no longer the only one.

Getting a granny annexe installed in that space in your garden is actually very useful and in this blog, we’re going to tell you why. Here’s all the reasons you should choose a granny annexe.

Reasons to Choose A Granny Annexe

Though it seems simple enough to wake up one day and decide that you’re going to get a granny annexe, there are some things you should consider first. Such as finances, maintenance, and purpose.

Granny annexes are quite the solution for families – giving independence and privacy to not only older relatives but with family members that are close by.

Multi-Generational Living

Home care fees can be exceptionally high and property prices have been steadily rising in recent years. That’s why multigenerational living is becoming more popular once again.

More families are joining together and setting up their home having multiple familial generations under one roof. And all in order to battle the increased costs of living.

Between 2014 and 2016, a trend was analysed and found over 33,000 granny annexes all across England and Wales. That’s an increase of 39 percent! It’s not only just the cost of housing that’s the cause, either. Childcare prices are also a leading cause of the rising popularity for multigenerational living.

Aside from the financial reasons for multigenerational living, though, it genuinely is a joy to be surrounding by family. So even though it’s not always under the best circumstances, having all your family around certainly helps to ease the financial burdens.

They Add Value to Your Home

A granny annexe that is both well-built and well maintained can add to the overall value of your property. This is because they are multi-functional buildings which makes them a very attractive feature of your property for buyers. It can even help you sell your home quicker.

Our annexes are unique and a long-term investment. They can benefit you and your family in years to come when built right.

No Care Home Fees

It’s no secret that care home fees can be an outstanding amount of money – almost £3000 a month on average! Annexes make financial sense when you have an elderly relative that needs to be close to home, surrounded by familiarities.

The fact that it saves you money in the long run is an absolute bonus.

Keeping Pets

Being able to keep your pets. Yet another reason you should choose to have a granny annexe.

Sometimes, whether you’re looking for a new affordable home or your relative is going into care, pets aren’t allowed to come with us. In some cases it’s just personal restrictions that landlords choose to put in place but in the case of care homes, it can be a risk to allow pets.

Especially when it has the potential to unsettle patients.

Living in a granny annexe allows the mover to keep their pets with them and keep them surrounded with the family’s love. After all pets are a part of the family.

Built to Your Needs

An additional factor to consider is regarding individuals with disabilities. Their requirements will be varied for each family.

Each of Family Annexe’s models can be adapted to fit each individual’s unique situation and made suitable to their needs. That includes adaptations like shower seats, guards, hand rails, and wheelchair access.

Therefore they are the perfect solution for independent living. Not to mention that at Family Annexe, we’ll do it all for you. We’ll provide you with support every step of the way so you don’t have to stress for one moment during the process. When we say everything, we mean everything. Including site survey, obtaining planning permission, and right up until we hand over the keys.


It can be a lot easier for your family relatives to live comfortably knowing that you’re near to them. Whether it’s an elderly relative or a young adult trying to stand on their own two feet.

Many people feel more secure knowing that they have the space to be independent and maintain privacy but also are in close range for support should they need it. Plus, it’s easier to settle in and find stability when the environment surrounding you is familiar.

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