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Do Houses With A Granny Annexe Sell For More?

In recent years, multigenerational living has seen an increase, reaching numbers that we haven’t reached previously. Reports discovered that one third of homes in the UK have a multi-generational living arrangement. Multi-generational living is one of the reasons many people choose to get annexes or house extensions. Because 1 in 3 is more than 9 million homes. But do houses with a granny annexe sell for more?

In short – yes. They do.

We’ll tell you exactly how much value an annexe will add to your property and why having one may be beneficial to you.

How Much Value Does An Annexe Add?

Traditionally, annexes were the solution for when elderly relatives moved in and needed a private living space – obviously where the ‘granny’ comes from in ‘granny annexe’. But it’s not like this anymore. They’re popular for many reasons. One of them is the value they add.

Estimates can vary but Checkatrade reported that annexes add up to 20% to 30% to the value of your property. That’s quite the sum. However, the exact value that a self-contained annexe adds to your property does still depend on several factors, such as:

  • The area you live in.
  • Your existing property.
  • The layout design and size of the annexe.
  • How good the quality of the finish is.

The exact figure can change depending on what you started with and what the specifications are for your annexe project.

Remember, annexes are self-contained living units with bedrooms, kitchens and electricity and plumbing. They’re built to be permanent. It’s unlikely that homeowners with such annexes are likely to be selling their homes.


In many instances, a granny annexe won’t just add value to a property, it’ll add a decent sized chunk to the value of your property. Especially nowadays.

For Rental Purposes

Holiday rentals are incredibly common and oftentimes, work out cheaper than hotels or as a better place to stay. You can go right in the countryside, get a cheaper city stay, sometimes even somewhere that’s more remote and harder to access if you stay in hotels. This is good for the value of the property and for the property owners – annexes can act as a form of income for a household.

Multi-Functional Living

The additional space that an annexe offers makes the property more appealing to buyers because of the potential they have. They can be used as an extra living space for a friend or for family members when they’re visiting or it could be a permanent living space for an elderly relative. Using them as home gyms, office spaces, a family room, or as a holiday rental is also common.

This is something that also makes them very beneficial to homeowners – you have a whole extra space that you can use however you want.

Can I Sell My Annexe and Property Separately?

Owning an annexe adds to the saleability of your property and present you with a unique marketing opportunity. But this also means you need to be clear on the what the annexe can or cannot be used for.

It is impossible, in most cases, to sell your annexe and home separately because at the planning stage, the annexe is really just an extension of the main property. It is designed depending on who is using it and this is often members of the household or relatives. During planning, this is how the specifications and requirements for the annexe come about.

Something else you would need to be clear about is buyers who see the annexe as a business opportunity. Granny annexe planning permission is usually conditional on the terms that the occupant living in the space is a family member. That means that letting the annexe out as a holiday let or cottage is not allowed. Buyers would have to speak to your Local Authority about this.

Why Not Add Value to Your Property With An Annexe?

As you now know, a granny annexe can be greatly beneficial to your home as they add considerable value and appeal, especially when on the market. This isn’t the reason that families choose to buy them, however.

Annexes are typically installed to meet specific needs, to maximise space, to care for loved ones, or to just provide an extra space for something. Maybe a hobby, like gym, or a work office. Maybe even just a way to bring the family closer together.

Are you or someone else in your family thinking about building an annexe? Because if so, then just get in touch with us! Feel free, also, to download our brochure.