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Why Choose Family Annexe?

There’s plenty of builders out there that work for the client, building the annexes they want.

So why choose Family Annexe?

Well, when you choose Family Annexe, you’re not just choosing a team of experienced designers and builders. You’re choosing a team that understands their responsibility. We know that the one of the biggest desires our clients have is to enable their family to stay close by.

We are meticulous and quality comes before anything else.

Get to know us to know why you should choose us to build your annexe.

Family Annexe: Learn About Us

Specialising in garden annexes, Family Annexe is a small yet friendly business delivering affordable solutions for elderly care. We have provided for families all across England and Wales.

We may be a relatively new business but our core team has many years of industry experience. They’ve built over 100 garden annexes!

We’ve seen all types of annexes, from those almost perfect ones to not so great ones so we have a bit of expertise when it comes to your garden annexe.

Overall, we know where we can make financial shortcuts to save our clients money whilst not once dipping on the quality of their annexe.

At Family Annexe, we understand and possess empathy for our clients’ situation. Providing our services for people means that we get to talk to a lot of families and we’ve dealt with a lot of different circumstances – we know how to adapt or alter our annexe designs to cater to every need.

For us, it’s not just about building an annexe. It’s about providing stability and independence to the user, as well as helping keep families close together.

You can book a free, no-obligation consultation with our annexe experts for information on our annexes or if it’s your first time discovering us. You can use this consultation in order to understand how we work to meet clients’ needs, produce top-quality annexes, and if it’s right for you.

Why We’re A Worthy Competitor

As there are many construction companies to choose from, it may be difficult to choose who to pick. So we’ll give you a few examples of why Family Annexe are a worthy competitor to consider.

1.     Building Independence

We mentioned already how it’s not just about the annexe itself. It’s also about what the annexe provides for someone else – comfort, stability, safety, independence.

When elderly relatives are struggling to complete tasks by themselves, it can feel very debilitating and embarrassing. Especially if they are considered normal, simple task like bathing or laundry. It can be difficult to admit that they need help with such a chore and ignore any form of help.

Our annexes provide a solution to that. A space where your relative can stay that allows them to remain feeling independent but also has you close by for any serious issues or emergencies.

2.     Cost Minimisation

We don’t just work on making sure our annexes our top-quality. We also make sure they’re cost-effective, too.

From £61,950, we offer a choice of one-bedroom or two-bedroom annexes. Each with flat or pitched roofing options and an insurance guarantee.

Our priciest annexe is The Willow, a two bedroom annexe that retails at a price of around £106,000. Which does seem like a lot. But our annexes come fully furnished and modernised. Additionally, it’s one payment in comparison to hospices or care facilities which charge fees per annum. Over time, those fees can add up to can a substantial amount of money.

3.     Stress-Free Service

Family matters don’t pause just because we’re building an annexe, we understand that. So we designed to make our process as stress-free for our clients as possible.

Also, we know that buying an annexe is a massive commitment to make, which is why we can 1000 percent reassure you that your home will be built with the utmost care and held up to a high-quality standard. Additionally, we throw on a ten year, insurance-based guarantee to ease your mind.

We strive to make our building and installation process as stress-free as possible, taking care of everything in our easy seven-step process.

Our Method

Our seven-step process means that all you have to do is wait for the keys to your new home.

A free phone consultation with you is about getting to know each other, but more specifically about getting to know our clients situation and needs. It will be followed up with a quote and annexe drawings so that you can make an informed decision about working with us.

This second step always includes a cost breakdown and payment schedule, along with detailed drawings of the foundation and elevation plans for your annexe.

If you agree with our offered proposal, we’ll send your project manager out to meet you as well as survey your garden onsite. We’ll check utilities like plumbing and electricity and environment surroundings for 100% accuracy on planning your annexe position.

Once we’ve finalised the build spec, we’ll apply to obtain planning permission from your Local Planning Authority (LPA), this is the step that takes the longest. Waiting for planning permission confirmation can take up to 8 to 13 weeks. Once approved, we’ll build your annexe which takes between 6 to 9 weeks depending on size and additional groundworks.

After that, we’ll hand over your keys and your annexe is all set, ready to be moved into right away.

Get In Touch

Reach out to us today for more information on our services and annexes.

You can call on 0330 1332 668 or email, we’re happy to help.

And if you want to see images and the progression of our projects, visit our Instagram page. Why not choose Family Annexe for your next Annexe project?