5 Clever Storage Ideas For Granny Annexe Owners

5 Clever Storage Ideas For Granny Annexe Owners

Though they are designed to be liveable, they are still small. At least, smaller than a typical house. So storing everything may actually become quite overwhelming and stressful. Fortunately, small doesn’t mean less storage.

In fact, smaller spaces show just how clever some tricks can turn out to be.

Granny annexes are incredible alternative homes for people who need extra space or for family members who want to live independently but stay nearby. It doesn’t matter if it’s for an elderly member or a younger family member.

This Family Annexe blog is going to provide granny annexe owners with some very clever storage ideas so that they can utilise their interior space the right way.

Clever Storage Ideas

It’s rather quite easy to create a smart storage space. You just have to think about spaces that aren’t typical and aren’t being utilised, like bed headboards.

Choose an under-storage bed over any others. Even though you may be able to fit boxes under regular beds, under-bed storage is more compact and ends up fitting much more. This is because the box containing items to be stored is itself taking up space.

Here’s some solutions to help you address some storage challenges you may be facing in your granny annexe.

Hooks & Wall Mounts

Walls are not generally utilised for space saving and this goes not just to granny annexes but also houses. So using up as much of that wall space as possible will help you save floor space in an effective way.

You can add hooks for quite a lot of things to get them off the floor and on the wall. So much can be mounted on the wall. If you’re an avid bike rider, you can purchase vertical wall-mounts or hooks that your bike can be hung upon so it stops taking up all that floor space.

Keys can also be hung up on hooks – car keys, garage keys, house keys. Plus, hooks in kitchens provide the ideal place for hanging utensils, pots and pans, or cups. Clear up what would need to go into cupboards so you could store other things in there. For example, more storage space for baking equipment if you’re a fan of baking.

Cabinet Storage

Cabinet manufacturers have evolved plenty, even just in the last decade or so, when it comes to providing a maximum amount of storage. In fact, many of these developments have led to some incredibly clever storage ideas.

The distance between wall studs, while it may seem limited, can still be used efficiently as storage space. All you have to do is cover the space with a cabinet door to present everything neatly. The toe kick area on kitchen cupboards.. isn’t that just wasted space?

Good things cabinet manufacturers can utilise this space, too. It’s even becoming quite popular to add storage into the kitchen by making the toe kick area into kitchen drawers for utensils.

Speaking of kitchen storage, there’s so many built in options you can choose from to make sure that storage space is being utilised. Things like spice racks, drawer and cabinet organisers, and door racks to really make the most out of the space you have.

Storage Beds

The type of bed we choose is quite important. Especially for those looking for some clever storage ideas.

These days, all kinds of bed storage is available – under-bed, drawers, and regular frames that have space underneath for boxes. However, most of these, good as they are, still leave so much space that really is wasted.

Lift storage beds are a great option for saving bedroom space as every inch of the space is being efficiently used. It can be used to store presents or any extra (or seasonal) clothes.

Practical Furniture

If you are someone that has plenty (read: too many) adornments for your furniture, you’re going to run out of space. Incredibly quickly, too, in a granny annexe. So choosing practical furniture will help give you somewhere to store everything.

Items like blankets and throws, maybe even unused pillows, could be stored inside furniture like foot rests.

As well as that, perhaps you could consider using a fold-out table instead of a traditional dining table. Then not only do you save space but you will still be able to host your family if they want to sit in with you.

Combine Rooms

More commonly known as ‘open plan’, combining rooms can make a massive difference in providing space. Open plan kitchens can connect living, dining, and even laundry areas. Plus, keeping all the facilities gathered in one area can massively help people who have limited mobility.

To divide rooms, all you really have to do is create a designated area by using a rug or carpet.

And here at Family Annexe, every unique annexe model we offer has an open plan design. It doesn’t seem like a clever storage idea but it really does open up space in your annexe.

It also increases practicality, too. What a bonus.

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