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Do Houses With A Granny Annexe Sell For More?

In recent years, multigenerational living has seen an increase, reaching numbers that we haven’t reached previously. Reports discovered that one third of homes in the UK have a multi-generational living arrangement. Multi-generational living is one of the reasons many people choose to get annexes or house extensions. Because 1 in 3 is more than 9 million homes. But do houses with a granny annexe sell for more?

In short – yes. They do.

We’ll tell you exactly how much value an annexe will add to your property and why having one may be beneficial to you.

How Much Value Does An Annexe Add?

Traditionally, annexes were the solution for when elderly relatives moved in and needed a private living space – obviously where the ‘granny’ comes from in ‘granny annexe’. But it’s not like this anymore. They’re popular for many reasons. One of them is the value they add.

Estimates can vary but Checkatrade reported that annexes add up to 20% to 30% to the value of your property. That’s quite the sum. However, the exact value that a self-contained annexe adds to your property does still depend on several factors, such as:

  • The area you live in.
  • Your existing property.
  • The layout design and size of the annexe.
  • How good the quality of the finish is.

The exact figure can change depending on what you started with and what the specifications are for your annexe project.

Remember, annexes are self-contained living units with bedrooms, kitchens and electricity and plumbing. They’re built to be permanent. It’s unlikely that homeowners with such annexes are likely to be selling their homes.


In many instances, a granny annexe won’t just add value to a property, it’ll add a decent sized chunk to the value of your property. Especially nowadays.

For Rental Purposes

Holiday rentals are incredibly common and oftentimes, work out cheaper than hotels or as a better place to stay. You can go right in the countryside, get a cheaper city stay, sometimes even somewhere that’s more remote and harder to access if you stay in hotels. This is good for the value of the property and for the property owners – annexes can act as a form of income for a household.

Multi-Functional Living

The additional space that an annexe offers makes the property more appealing to buyers because of the potential they have. They can be used as an extra living space for a friend or for family members when they’re visiting or it could be a permanent living space for an elderly relative. Using them as home gyms, office spaces, a family room, or as a holiday rental is also common.

This is something that also makes them very beneficial to homeowners – you have a whole extra space that you can use however you want.

Can I Sell My Annexe and Property Separately?

Owning an annexe adds to the saleability of your property and present you with a unique marketing opportunity. But this also means you need to be clear on the what the annexe can or cannot be used for.

It is impossible, in most cases, to sell your annexe and home separately because at the planning stage, the annexe is really just an extension of the main property. It is designed depending on who is using it and this is often members of the household or relatives. During planning, this is how the specifications and requirements for the annexe come about.

Something else you would need to be clear about is buyers who see the annexe as a business opportunity. Granny annexe planning permission is usually conditional on the terms that the occupant living in the space is a family member. That means that letting the annexe out as a holiday let or cottage is not allowed. Buyers would have to speak to your Local Authority about this.

Why Not Add Value to Your Property With An Annexe?

As you now know, a granny annexe can be greatly beneficial to your home as they add considerable value and appeal, especially when on the market. This isn’t the reason that families choose to buy them, however.

Annexes are typically installed to meet specific needs, to maximise space, to care for loved ones, or to just provide an extra space for something. Maybe a hobby, like gym, or a work office. Maybe even just a way to bring the family closer together.

Are you or someone else in your family thinking about building an annexe? Because if so, then just get in touch with us! Feel free, also, to download our brochure.

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Granny Annexe Ideas for Modest Budgets

Having a granny annexe in your own garden sounds really appealing, no? Until you start researching and see that many granny annexes have quite the price tag attached to them. And doing it yourself from scratch can cost just as much due to the costs of materials, construction, plumbing, electricity, furniture… That’s more than just a few pennies.


We’re here to tell you that there are granny annexes for those of you on a more modest budget. Because in the current financial climate, we can’t afford to have anything but a modest budget.

How Much Do Granny Annexes Cost?

Family Annexe has few annexes to offer. A choice of one and two-bedroom annexes, available in six annexe model designs. Every design we have created and developed can be altered to suit the client’s input for the overall layout and appearance.

Plus, there’s a 10 year guarantee on all our annexes!

Family Annexe’s Granny Annexes

At £61,950, the Bluebell annexe is most suitable for smaller garden plots and it is the cheapest granny annexe in our range.

It may also be the smallest annexe in our range but that doesn’t take away from the efficiency it has. Don’t good things come in small packages?

Featuring an open plan kitchen and living room area, the Bluebell has quite a spacious single bedroom with an ensuite shower room – or wet room if that’s necessary. As we said, it is the smallest in our range and that’s why we’ve taken every effort to ensure that this annexe offers just as much as our others.

By creating a more compact design and putting our heads together, we solved any potential issues a smaller space may have. Nothing has been taken away from this annexe. In fact, this annexe particularly makes the most of every single bit of space, maximising all possible internal space for storage. Everything you need to create a safe environment that’s comfortable is all here.

Furthermore, the main area of the annexe is accessible through large bifold doors at the front, or through the side entrance.

Once you’ve had a consultation with Family Annexe, you’ll receive a detailed quote that includes financial breakdowns and payment schedules. You’ll know exactly where each penny has gone. The payment schedule we provide can be amended as well as the annexe sketches if that’s your request. We take your input into account throughout every step of the process.

After all, this is your annexe and if you’re not happy with it, neither are we.

The rest of our annexes range in prices from £66,000 up to £107,000. The Willow is our most expensive annexe at £106,950. It’s also our largest. It has two bedrooms, one which is a master bedroom and features an ensuite.

Contact Family Annexe Today

One of our annexes may be a suitable alternative for you or a loved one that you want to stay close to. Whether you want extra space, to make a bit of additional income through letting out the annexe, or have a suitable living unit for a loved one, a granny annexe has become a popular solution.

They’re also great for helping you to maintain as much independence as possible as well as your self-sufficiency.

With Family Annexe, you don’t need to worry about searching high and low for a place that meets your requirements. Tell us what you want and what you need and we can adapt and build exactly that. We work to your specs.

If you want more information on our services, annexes, or our process and timescales then just reach out to us!

Call on 0330 1332 668 or send us a message via We’re happy to help and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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Impact of Property Value by Granny Annexes

Self-contained living spaces or granny annexe additions to a property weren’t always as popular as they are now. Typically, a self-contained living space was added to a home when it was completely necessary, like a relative becoming ill or needing to care for your elderly parents.

These days, there’s many different reasons for their soaring popularity!

The Increasing Popularity of Granny Annexes

Primarily being used for housing elderly parents or other relatives that just need a bit of extra care and support is how granny annexes got their name. But with rising care costs over the years, people working longer shift hours or having irregular shift patterns, one of the main concerns was for the safety and security of their elderly family members.

Granny annexes provided the perfect solution to such anxieties as they ensured that they were not only secure but were able to live independently and privately. Rather than sleeping in the spare bedroom, they got a whole self-contained flat that gave them their own space whilst keeping them in close proximity to the rest of the family.

Of course nowadays, it’s not only the elderly you’ll find living in a granny annexe. In fact, some first-time buyers would use a granny annexe as a solution to being locked out of housing markets.

Do Granny Annexes Add Value to Your Property?

In most cases, having a granny annexe built on your property does add quite a hefty lump sum to your overall property value. Holiday rentals and Airbnb stays are very popular these days, too, and a granny annexe can become quite a good source of income for a household.

Properties that have self-contained living spaces built on-site also appeal more to buyers because it offers a multi-functional living space that can be advertised as several things: a home office, extra living space, a home gym, or a holiday rental.

How Much Value Do Granny Annexes Add?

The exact amount of value that a granny annexe adds to a property is estimated, but the general bracket remains somewhere between 20% to 30%. The actual amount that ends up being added to your property can be determined by multiple factors, too. Such as the size of the annexe, your current property, the location you live in, and its construction.

And when we say construction, we’re talking about the self-contained units and their connection to essential utilities, plus the overall quality of the finish on the annexe.

Finding a home available on the market can actually be quite challenging now as many with the granny annexe additions have found a great family living solution out of them. So many homeowners don’t sell up as frequently.

What’s The Cost of A Granny Annexe?

The cost of a granny annexe varies from business to business, and it varies even more if you decide to build it yourself. Cost mainly comes down to two things, though. Size and specification.

Average granny annexe prices do tend to start around the £90,000 mark but Family Annexe’s The Bluebell annexe starts from just £61,950. Ideal for those smaller garden plots, this is the smallest annexe in our range. That doesn’t mean, however, that it feels small – it certainly feels the opposite of that with its spacious single bedroom and open plan kitchen-living area.

The Willow is our most expensive annexe to offer, being £106,950. This is also our largest annexe, best suited for those bigger gardens considering it is almost 85m2. But this annexe features two spacious bedrooms, one which is a double bed and has an en-suite. Sticking with the open plan kitchen-living plan maximises all possible floor and living space, giving the residents space and comfort.

Are There Benefits to Adding A Granny Annexe?

Aside from knowing your elderly family members are close by in case they need help or support, yes. There are so many other benefits that a granny annexe addition can bring to your home.

Extra Living Space

Who could say no?!

Multi-generational is quite a popular and common thing among many. It can be to keep the family close together, because there are new parents in the family adding another generation, or even young adult children who are trying to save for their own place. But when your house is becoming crowded, perhaps cross-generational living is a better approach than multi-living.

Cross-generational living arrangements work better for many people, too, because each person has their own dedicated living space. So they’re guaranteed to have time to themselves, privacy, and a space that feels like theirs.

Personal Affairs

Whether you want a home office space that will be uninterrupted and undisturbed or you want your own gym space to work out on your own time, granny annexes are perfect.

If more space is needed or you have children (which is a job in and of itself), sometimes you just need a place to come to that is quiet. Where you know that once you’ve settled in, you can crack down and get stuck in to it. That may be work or it may some cardio reps on a exercise bike you bought just for your new home gym.

Family Annexe: Get in Touch

Do you want to stay close to home and your family? Do you want to maintain your self-sufficiency and privacy? One of our annexes may be the solution for you. They provide extra space and additional income to your property.

Family Annexe will meet your requirements, it’s not the other way around. If you tell us what you’re after, we can help you as much as possible. We’ll adapt to what you need from us to build for you exactly what you want.

Reach out to us to get more information about our annexes, process and the timescales. If you want to reach us, please call 0330 1332 668. Or send us an email!

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Ways To Finance Granny Annexe Construction

Having your own granny annexe sounds like a really nice idea, initially. Then we start looking into all the individual costs – gathering materials, the construction work, plumbing and electricity costs, furnishing… Not to mention the time and stress of obtaining planning permission. And all of that can be quite off-putting.

But! There are ways to finance your granny annexe construction and you can find them here!

How To Finance Granny Annexe Construction

Many homeowners look into or at least consider adding an annexe to their property. Perhaps they’re a multi-generational living family or they have elderly relatives that they want to keep close by. No matter the reason, granny annexes can benefit multiple people – providing you with the space you need or peace of mind that your relatives are close if they need your support.

It’s only natural to have wondered about the related costs and any cost-effective ways of adding an annexe to your home property. These are some of the ways you might consider to finance your granny annexe construction.

Using An Existing Outbuilding

If you can avoid building a new structure from scratch, you’ve already managed to save yourself some pennies. If you have pre-existing structures, like a detached garage or some sort of shed, providing it’s big enough, you can convert them.

So the most expensive parts of construction, like actually acquiring the materials and then digging the foundations, can be skipped over. All you have to do is focus on converting the space to make it both habitable and up to appropriate and regular standards.

The money you save by using existing buildings on your property like barns, garden rooms, or other disused outbuildings, can instead be used on the furnishings of your home.

Preparing in Advance

Even if you don’t actually have the need for a granny annexe right this moment in time, it’s still worth laying the groundwork. Particularly for those who are definite in their decision to add one in the future out of want or a need for one.

Laying the foundations in advance can help you get a head start and allows you to space out payments you set aside. If you pay for this now, it doesn’t have to be paid for in the future, basically.

It’s important to know about the planning application process though. If you don’t plan to use an annexe for living in and it’s just for recreational use, it can be created under your permitted development rights. However, if you want your annexe to include a bedroom, you need to complete a full planning application.

And if you decide to change your recreational annexe into a residential one… all you have to do is apply for a change in use class. Though it’s not always a guarantee, it is often a more reliable way of securing your future granny annexe.

Write Off Investments First

When you create your residential space, you could offer it out as a rented space, such as on Airbnb, for instance. The area you live in will have an affect on this, though, as will other things that you should keep in mind. Things like your location, the amount of tourism, how much time you have to clean and manage the annexe, how the rest of your family feels about it.

Because ideas like this often sound easy enough until you put them into practice and realise how much time needs to be set aside just to clean up after guests. Or to manage the rental admin. But if this is an idea you’re quite set-in-stone on, you can get help from your family or from services that can manage these things for you. (But the latter option certainly comes with more expenses.)

There are some things you should be aware of, though, about letting out your granny annexe.

Build Up

Creating a private space for yourself, somewhere for extra family space, or for an elderly relative doesn’t always necessarily equate to building a granny annexe. Converting your loft space or adding an extension onto the rear or side of your house are equally as efficient at acting as an accommodating space.

These specific developments will be easier to get through the planning stage because they’re already under your permitted development rights.

Consider Using A Property Broker

Specialist property brokers know the ins and out, have studied and qualified to be specialised in property investment. And even if we know a lot about the topic, we don’t know it all. So going to someone who does for guidance and advice on the routes you can explore and how you can get the most out of the finances you have is a pretty smart idea.

Additionally, many specialist property brokers can tell you more than just the current value of your property – they can even factor in the worth of your home once you get your project finished. May it be a loft conversion, a home extension, an annexe or otherwise.

Get in Touch with Family Annexe

Family Annexe’s homes in the garden start from just £61,950 so why not get closer to your loved ones today?

And the Family Annexe team will take care of everything! From planning permission to constructing to handing over the keys. The only thing you need to do is move in.

We have six uniquely designed annexe models. You can book a free, no-obligation chat with one of our annexe experts to learn everything you need to know about our annexes. There are many builders you can choose, but Family Annexe guarantees you both knowledge and experience. Over 60 years of it.

We provide solutions for families up and down England and Wales – built by our family to provide for yours. Learn a bit more about us.

Just get in touch with the friendly team, we’re happy to help. You can email us at or just give us a call on 0330 1332 668.

Multigenerational living

What Is Multigenerational Living?

Multigenerational living, though it’s on the rise in many places, is already common in many countries and cultures. There are many different reasons for multigenerational living – caregiving, financial reasons, convenience, staying close to family.

What may start out as a practical reason can end up having emotional and mental benefits on the family members.

But what is multigenerational living? And how can it affect your familial relationships and life? Hopefully you’ll get the information you’re seeking here.

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Blog Title Image for FA blog Can You Build Your Own Granny Annexe?

Can You Build Your Own Granny Annexe?

We’re all guilty of staring off into the abyss and having a one-track mind. And for those of you that have gardens, that one-track thought wondering around your head may have been about a granny annexe. Perhaps wondering whether your garden would comfortably house an annexe and if it was worth something to build one.

Without a measurement, you’ll never actually know. And that’s best when done by the professionals because they can get a true measurement and perform a complete check of the environment. If you’re confused about whether building your own granny annexe is possible, don’t be.

We’ll talk about if you can build an annexe in your garden and the necessary steps to take.

Planning Permission

Specific types of building developments may have specific permission requirements or reasonings for needing permission. The purpose of an outbuilding, such as what a granny annexe is, can dictate whether planning permission is required or not to begin a build.

Granny annexes that are considered ‘incidental’, acting simply as another room of the home, can be built without obtaining planning permission first. Though you will need to obtain a Certificate of Lawful Development from your Local Planning Authority (LPA).

Planning permission may also be unnecessary if your annexe:

  • Meets the legal definition of a mobile home according to the Caravan Act.
  • Will remain ancillary to the house and won’t be separated legally for sale or rent to non-family members.

But if your annexe does not meet these requirements or will be classed as a separate dwelling, you do need to send in an application for planning permission.

Council Tax For Annexes

When it comes to granny annexes, under particular circumstances council tax may be different. In some instances, an annexe can be completely exempt from Council Tax if it is being used by dependent relatives.

Otherwise, most of the time there is a 50% Council Tax discount available – only 50% is payable.

What Types of Annexes Are There?

Granny annexes come in many different styles and are often used for many different reasons.

Family Annexe offers a choice between one and two-bedroom annexes, at a starting price of £61,950. The Bluebell is the smallest annexe in our range and is perfect for those smaller garden plots. Featuring an open plan living-kitchen area, this annexe is a spacious one-bedroom living unit.

Our largest one-bed annexe is The Hawthorn, rounding up the one bedroom annexes at £78,450. It boasts a large double bedroom with open plan living design to get the most out of the space. This impressive model even has a built-in wardrobe.

At £89,250, The Honeysuckle starts off our two bedroom annexe range. It is the smallest two bedroom annexe we have available but still has plenty of internal space. That includes one single and one double bedroom with a built-in wardrobe!

From £106,950 our largest garden annexe, The Willow, is available. This annexe features incredible internal space designs, open plan living, and built-in wardrobes in both the bedrooms – one of which is a master bedroom with an ensuite.

A shower room and L-shaped kitchen also feature in this annexe model.

Our other designs, The Foxglove and The Sycamore, are £66,950 and £10,950 respectively. The Foxglove falls in mid-price range for our one bedroom annexes while The Sycamore falls mid-price range for the two bedroom designs.

Annexe Finishes

Available in a range of styles, colours, and finishes, every single annexe we build comes with a fully kitted out kitchen. From the sink to the extractor fan, we fit it all.

Shower rooms are designed to be practical and comfortable but can be amended to wet rooms if specification needs must. In the case of designing a wet room, we make comfort and ease our main priority as we understand that the occupant has issues with mobility. So we’ll include grab rails and shower seat additions.

Not only will your annexe look like a new build, but it’ll also feel like one, too. Especially with those cracking new digital radiators to heat your unit up.

Come To Professionals For Granny Annexe Building

It can be overwhelming to look at all the guidance and information available on the government site about planning permission. Suddenly it’s no longer seeming appealing to build your own granny annexe in your garden space.

We’re professionals here at Family Annexe! (We have a free brochure available to download featuring all of our annexe models.) One of expert team members will guide you through everything you’ll need to know, like potential costs and planning permission options.

Then we’ll be able to provide you with a detailed quote and some annexe sketches within a couple of days after the consultation. With an onsite visit to survey your garden, the project manager will be able to check utilities, drainage and electricity. Anything that might have an affect on your planning application.

One of the major parts of our service is that we’ll do the planning permission work for you. We’ll work on obtaining permission from your LPA for the annexe build. In fact, we work with independent planning professionals to make sure the result you get is the best.

Reach Out to Us

Maintaining independence, keeping the family close, or having your own private space is important. They are actually some of the main instigators for investing in an annexe to begin with. And we understand the important of such things.

Because if your annexe isn’t for a dependent relative, there are other purposes! Extra space, a family room, an unbothered space for completing work, anything. You name it, it can probably be it. As a living unit for your relatives, though, it takes away plenty of the stress that comes with finding the most suitable, most appropriate place for them.

Instead, our annexes will work for you. They meet your needs.

Reach out to us for more information on our services or annexes. Or even on our entire seven-step process. The team here is always happy to help you with whatever you need – advice, guidance, or answers.

Give us a buzz on 0330 1332 668 or email us via

Bluebell Garden Annexe

Why Is A Granny Annexe A Separate Dwelling?

There are different circumstances that can determine whether or not an annexe is a separate dwelling. The biggest determining factor is the building purpose itself.

Most annexes are used as alternative living solutions for elderly parents or other elderly relatives so that they can stay nearby whilst maintaining their independence. They’re close by for help and support should they need it, but they’re free to live in their own space and do what they want.

It’s more about providing safety, security, and comfort to your elderly relative more than anything else.

Your Annexe As A Separate Dwelling

To put it frankly – when being used the way the majority of Family Annexe customers use their annexe, it is not classed as a separate dwelling. Because you’re providing an alternative living arrangement.

The registered address of an annexe is the family home. This is because annexes will typically be built on the same plot of the primary building. An annexe, therefore, can be an extension of the main building or detached completely, but it won’t have a separate address registered.

Family Annexe’s six unique models are all detached form the primary dwelling.

Do I Need To Pay Council Tax?

This is one of the topics we have the most frequently asked questions for: council tax. We totally get it. Council tax is one of our most expensive bills.

It’s likely that you won’t have to pay full rate council tax with an annexe. Actually, discounts of 50% are known to be given by local authorities for residents of an annexe property. However, there are requirements in order to be granted this 50% discount. Such a requirement as the person living in the annexe must have some relation to those in the main dwelling.

But it can be any one specific person. They don’t have to be related to everyone inside the main building, as long as they are related to one.

What About Planning Permission?

Yes. You need that, too.

If any annexe or outbuilding is built for the purpose of living or sleeping, it needs planning permission. The process for getting planning permission does take time, so it will add time to the overall project. That’s not as daunting as you may think, though! In fact, obtaining planning permission is part of our service here at Family Annexe.

So there’s nothing to put you off at all!

At Family Annexe, we use a two-pronged approach for obtaining planning permission. We get this from your LPA – Local Planning Authority. It’s important we do it through the LPA as each area and region can have different approaches and even guidance on planning policies.

Our planning experts are the ones who will fill out all the documents. Crossing T’s, dotting I’s, working with your Case Officer closely. We want to make your annexe project as relaxing for you as possible, which is why we handle all the stress-inducing jobs.

What If I Want To Let My Annexe?

Renting out any properties you own as holiday lets is becoming a really popular thing. More people are looking for self-contained apartments to stay in and it’s an excellent way for property owners to make a little extra money.

And doing this with your annexe is completely fine. However, all those benefits we talked about? 50% council tax rates? That doesn’t apply in this situation. If you have the intention to let out your annexe as a holiday stay, it cannot still be classed as a single dwelling.

Rather, a more appropriate register for an annexe of this purpose would be as a lodging. Not to mention a whole new set of responsibilities related to being a landlord. Responsibilities such as getting repairs sorted as soon as possible, putting the annexe through multiple inspections. Usually including an inspection before, during, and after each letting.

Choose A Family Annexe Design

Our full range of annexes are available in six bespoke models, each design ranging in both price and size. They’re perfect for many different garden and outdoor spaces.

When it comes to providing for you, annexes are incredibly adaptable. Extra space, additional income, a suitable living area for elderly or disabled relatives, an extra room, a family gathering space. And for family members that want their elderly relatives to stay close, they’re the most ideal solution.

Aside from elderly relatives, multi-generational families can really benefit from granny annexes, too. Having all the family together is always a cause for celebration, but all under one roof… That’s bound to be more than a little full. An annexe comes in handy here for providing the extra space that your house might not have.

Get in Touch

We have an incredibly friendly bunch as a team here so you don’t have to worry about reaching out to us. Everything from planning to pricing to giving you the key, we’re happy to be the ones to support you through your annexe project.

Between 9.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday, you can contact us directly on 0330 1332 668. Or you can go digital and send us an email at

Any enquiries or queries you send will be answered as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can request a brochure. Featuring all of our annexes, these brochures have all the information on the features and finishes of each model. There’s even two copies – digital and physical. Oh, did we mention that they’re free? Well, they are.

Annexe Planning Permission

Do You Need A Legal Agreement When Living With Family?

Granny annexes have become hugely popular now for not only the elderly as they age, but for younger people staying at home, too. They’re great for keeping relatives close to home, for providing extra space, or for those struggling to find affordable places to rent.

A granny annexe can be the solution to many problems families sometimes find themselves facing. But does living in a dwelling mean that you’ll need a legal agreement to live with family?

The Cohabitation Agreement

A document that outlines the arrangements for people living together is known as a cohabitation agreement. When one person is the sole property owner, this agreement is particularly useful. The sole property owner can record that any other person living on the property will not have intentions to gain beneficial interests in the property.

This agreement provides certainty to the involved parties so they know where they stand. Cohabitation Agreements are, often times, quite useful in a situation where family members have provided money for a granny annexe.

If an older relative lives with a younger one or alone and the family has provided finances, Cohabitation Agreements can help to avoid misunderstandings and set out financial responsibilities clearly.

However, you don’t have to have one. If you don’t sign Cohabitation Agreements, then that’s fine. It’s not against the law. Having one is all down to choice and sometimes, circumstance. For example, if you end up renting out a granny annexe long-term to someone who isn’t family.

Why A Granny Annexe Is Worthwhile

For larger familiar, intergenerational living arrangements can really provide plenty of social and practical benefits for all. Like not having to be far from them or being able to build relationships by spending quality time together.

Because of that, there’s many things that make granny annexes worthwhile.

More Time With Family Members

Getting older usually means less free time and busier schedules – whether it’s busy with children, a job, or other things in life. So it’s not always possible or easy to arrange time to visit your elderly relatives.

Instead, moving them closer to home means that this feat becomes much easier. Whether you just invite them over for lunch or just sit in the garden with them.

Independence Offered

The level of independence offered by having a granny annexe is much greater than if your family members were to move into a care home. Having control over this living arrangement can make it easier for them to settle in because they’ll be close to the family.

And even if they’re moving in to a newly built annexe, it’ll still feel more like home because the family is right there for support and help. Despite the family being close, it even helps with how independent the relative feels. They might like that they’re being left to themselves and cared for only when they ask rather than every little thing being done for them.

Our Free Consultation Service

If you’re interested in having one of our six, unique annexe models in your own exterior space, then book a free, no-obligation consultation! Our annexe experts will advise you and help you establish whether an annexe is feasible for you. They’ll also advise you on the cost of building a Family Annexe in your garden.

Get in Touch

Staying close to home and maintaining the privacy and independence of your loved one is important. We understand that. That’s why we think annexes are amazing alternatives.

Not to mention they’re multi-purpose – extra space, an office area, a family bonding unit, or suitable living units for elderly relatives. With annexes, you don’t have to worry about issues like looking to upgrade your house or putting your elderly relative in care.

Instead, our annexes will work to meet your requirements. Tell us what you need and we’ll build it.

Get in touch with us if you want more information on our services, annexes, or our efficient seven-step process (which included planning permission).

Try giving us a call on 0330 1332 668 or sending a message directly to our inbox which is The team here is always happy to help you with whatever you need.

Family Annexe Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Family Annexe Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Once again it’s that time of the year. And as we get closer to the holidays, we want to take a quick minute to thank all of our customers and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

2023 approaches as fast as ever, but we’ve still got some reflection time for 2022. There’s been highs and lows, great news and not so great news. As a business, we’re grateful to still be here and we’ll be going into 2023 with you all, too!

So if you didn’t get around to giving us a call this year, you’ve still got another one to do it. We’ll still be here waiting if you decide that 2023 is your year to start your granny annexe journey.

Our annexes start from just £61,950, that includes the planning permission right up until the key handover. You can book a free consultation with us here.

If you want to mull over it whilst we’re all away for a break, you can download one of our brochures. They have all the information and details on all of our annexes.

Everyone here at Family Annexe hopes you have a brilliant Christmas and a Happy New Year with a wonderful transition into 2023.

We hope to see or hear from you in the new year!

Article Image - Caring For A Family Member With A Neurological Condition

Caring For A Family Member With A Neurological Condition

Annexes are the ideal solution for keeping your elderly relatives close by.

When we grow older, our parents and other family members grow older with us and it can be worrying to be away from them. Especially if they’re in the position where needing help is a common occurrence. It doesn’t matter whether they need help with simple daily tasks or with a condition that they’re living with.

Family Annexe has six unique annexe models and are delighted to help you and your family to remain close. Feeling close by is a sure way to ease both your own and your family’s anxieties, and an annexe can grant you that. It also means that you don’t have to place them into a home to be cared for.

What Is A Neurological Condition?

Conditions that affect the brain, spine, or nerves is referred to as a neurological condition. Because these organs control both your mind and your body, neurological conditions can have an impact on how you feel, think, and interact with the outside world.

Regardless of age, anyone can have a neurological condition. In fact, in the UK alone, one in six people are affected by a neurological condition.

A variety of symptoms are the result of structural, biochemical, or electrical abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord, or other nerve areas. Paralysis, weak muscles, shaky coordination, loss of feeling, convulsions, confusion, pain, and altered degrees of consciousness are just few examples of symptoms.

What Can Cause A Neurological Condition?

The particular causes of neurological issues can vary, and research is always ongoing. This is because it’s not always possible to pinpoint the exact origin of a neurological condition. But things that can attribute toward it are brain or spinal cord injuries, nerve trauma, lifestyle, or environmental health problems such as malnutrition.

A person’s genetics, their environment, bacterial or viral infections, and accidents are also just a few variables that can contribute to neurological issues. There are numerous known neurological illnesses, some of which are rare but many which are not.

Types of Neurological Conditions

Over 600 neurological illnesses are already recognised and as diagnostic methods advance, this number keeps rising. Many doctors will categorise neurological conditions into broad categories.

Sudden onset conditions like a stroke or traumatic injury. Some issues are more irregular, like epilepsy. These are intermittent conditions. The conditions that worsen over time, such as dementia or Parkinson’s, are progressive.

Their final category is stable with changing needs. Cerebral palsy, narcolepsy, and fibromyalgia are examples of this.

Neurological Care

Neurological care refers to the specialised treatment and support given to people with neurological problems. It places a strong emphasis on promoting people’s health, happiness, and ability to live fully.

These people usually have complex needs since neurological illnesses can affect a person’s movement, speech, behaviour, and mental health.

Neurological care may include long-term residential care, home care, respite care, and neurorehabilitation. It depends on a person’s needs and their preferences, too. Those receiving neurological care may be provided with it by a variety of healthcare professionals. Including nurses, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, and health care assistants.

How Our Annexes Could Help You

We are aware that by building your annexes, we are enabling families to remain together, and we take this obligation very seriously. Quality comes first in our procedure, which is designed to reduce stress. The second best thing is affordability.

Every single one of our annexes is designed for comfort and to give the occupant plenty of space. But should certain things need amendments, we can do that for you, too.

Features Intended To Help

You can select from a variety of kitchen units, handles, countertops, and appliances in each of our fully equipped kitchens. This is all standard in our annexes. All base and wall units, worktops, handles, LED downlights, a ceramic hob and electric oven, a stainless steel sink and tap are also included as standard.

So that’s one less thing to worry about when your relative begins living in their new annexe home.

Our regular shower rooms combine comfort and functionality, but wet rooms are ideal solutions especially if the occupant has a mobility concern.

Get in Touch

Contact us if our standard annexes or specifications don’t have what you need or are looking for. Our roots are in custom design and construction, and we’re happy to discuss the advantages and costs of creating something that is genuinely unique.

We’ll answer any questions you have about garden annexe living and offer you guidance or advice should you ask for it. We’re a friendly lot so don’t hesitate to send us an email at or phone us on 0330 1332 668!