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Can An Annexe Be A Separate Dwelling?

For the majority of Family Annexe’s customers, an annexe isn’t really considered as a separate dwelling because of how it’s being used. As an alternative living arrangement for someone’s loved one, maybe elderly parents or other relatives.

Annexes are great for these types of people because it allows them to retain both their freedom and their independence whilst still having the comfort of the family being close by (quite literally). So should your elderly loved ones ever need to rely on you, they can feel secure in knowing that you’ll be able to offer support immediately.

Detached Annexes

Annexes can be an extension of the main building and detached completely, which is what we offer here at Family Annexe. Our six, uniquely designed annexe models are detached from the primary building.

It doesn’t matter if your annexe project connects to an existing building or is a separate building, it can still be classed as part of the same dwelling.

Will My Annexe Have A Separate Address?

Because annexes are built on the same plot as the main family home, they do not have separate addresses. It’s not an issue though, it actually makes it easier when it comes to post collection.

Sharing an address with the primary building means that the annexe won’t be considered as separate so it will not be causing any issues.

What About Council Tax?

One of the most frequently asked questions surrounding annexes is about council tax and with good reason – it’s one of our most expensive bills to pay. With an annexe, it is very likely you won’t have to pay a full rate. In fact, local councils are known to give discounts of 50% for any annexe property residents.

However, the person residing in the annexe must be a relative to anyone living in the main family house to be granted this 50% discount.

Can My Annexe Be Let Out?

You can let out your annex. But, if your purpose for an annexe is so that you have another income source, there are some slight changes.

When an annexe is being let out, it is more suitable in the lodger category instead of a shorthold tenancy. Shorthold tenancies are the more typical renting methods because the renter has more rights when it comes to notice periods and evictions.

Renting out your annexe means that you will become a landlord which comes with a whole new set of responsibilities that the government has guidelines for.

For example, rather than getting to the repairs in your time, you are responsible to fix repairs to the structure straight away. The annexe must undergo inspections before, during, and after it’s let out.

Remember that if this is what you want your annexe for, the 50% council tax discount will not be applicable for you.

Our Annexes

Family Annexe’s full range of annexes come in six unique designs, each model ranging in price and size. Perfect for various types of garden spaces.

Annexes are incredibly versatile in what they can provide for you – additional space, additional income, suitable living areas both for elderly and disabled family members. For family members that want to stay close to one another yet still maintain they’re self-sufficiency, they’re terrific alternative solutions.

Not only are they great for elderly relatives, they’re also great for families who have multiple generations living together. Though it can be joyous to have multiple familial generations together, it can get a little cramped. Especially if there’s more people than your house was originally built for. That’s where an annexe could come in and be very beneficial.

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