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Elderly Care Alternatives

A Safe, Smart Alternative

Your family may be looking for an elderly care alternative than a traditional care home. For many reasons, we believe we have the perfect solution. An annexe solves your needs, and most importantly, those of your loved ones.
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Sycamore Granny Annexe with Pitched Roof

Financial Benefits

With care home costs continuing to rise it’s natural to want to find a cost-effective alternative for your elderly loved one or parents. A granny annexe is a perfect solution as you can both save money, and provide a happier living arrangement.
A typical annexe will pay for itself within the first two years, especially when you consider our quality annexes start from just £49,950, fully installed. With the monthly average cost of at-home care totalling £1500, an annexe compares favourably against that option too.

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Health & Wellbeing

Care homes, no matter how good they are do not compare to being close to your loved ones around the clock. With an annexe, you and your relative have your own separate homes but are still in close range of each other. You needn’t spend all day, every day together, but being nearby can be incredibly comforting for an elderly person.
The comfort and security provided by close living arrangements can have fantastic health and wellbeing benefits. You’ll be on hand for emergencies and to ensure medications are taken. Also, the stimulation from regular socialising can help prevent or slow the progression of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
Multi-generational Living

Multigenerational Living

Does the idea of three generations living together sound like a nightmare? Well, if the rising numbers of multigeneration households (a household with three generations) in the UK are anything to go by, many people are opting for this lifestyle.
No doubt, finances play a role in the rise, but there are other benefits such as grandparents playing a bigger everyday role in children’s lives, shared responsibilities, childcare, and the comfort of having those you hold dearest, close to you. Common in Japan, we see many customers who are realising the benefits of living together as one big family.
Disabled Annexe Occupants

Disabled Occupants

Our annexes are a safe alternative for elderly people but are also a great option for relatives of any age who may have additional needs or disabilities. Again, an annexe can provide a safe way of living that is cost-effective when compared against many private care homes.
We’ve built annexes for such families and can even adapt our product to be suitable for occupants with disabilities. From wheelchair ramps to wet-rooms, wider doorways to the installation of specialist equipment - we can adjust our specifications to meet your family’s unique circumstances.

Our Annexes

Six unique footprints, providing an ideal elderly care alternative.

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