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How Much Does A Granny Annexe Cost?

Granny annexes have become increasingly common, and not just for their stereotypical purpose of being for elderly relatives. Whether you have elderly relatives that require additional care or want your relatives to have a space independent from yours, annexes are suitable solutions.

When it comes to elderly care, they’re also one of the more cost-effective choices.

At Family Annexe, we offer a choice of one and two-bedroom annexes and have six annexe model designs. Each design that we offer includes client input on the overall layout and appearance and is guaranteed for ten years.

But how much does a granny annexe cost? In this article, we’ll give you the run down on our process so you can see that our prices are very competitive.

Granny Annexe Finances

By starting at £61,950 for our Bluebell Annexe, many people looking to get a granny annexe often end up paying outright. However, we understand that that’s not possible for everyone – having the immediate funds available to purchase an annexe isn’t realistic for everyone.

After a consultation with Family Annexe, you will receive a detailed quote with granny annexe cost breakdowns and payment schedules. And you get input where you need it. The payment schedule provided can be amended, as can the annexe sketches, upon your requests because this is your annexe. We want it to be perfect for you.

There are sometimes additional costs that come along with site preparations but this is not always the case.

The rest of our annexes range in prices from £66,000 up to £107,000. At £106,950, The Willow is our most expensive annexe. But it’s also our largest. It has two bedrooms, one which is a master bedroom and features an ensuite.

Annexe Council Tax Requirements

In 2014, there was a Council Tax reform as the Government realised they should be supporting families that have care duties or responsibilities towards elderly relatives living dependently independent from them.

Families housing non-dependent relatives or if their annexe is in use by main householders were authorised for a discount on their Council Tax bill of 50%. These were additional price cuts as there was already an existing exemption given to families who had a dependent relative.

Relatives are classed as dependent if they are:

  • Over the age of 65
  • Disabled
  • Mentally impaired.

Annexes are exempt also if they’re:

  • Unoccupied
  • Occupied by students or people under the age of 18
  • Forming part of a single property.

However, it’s still better to check with you local authority to find out if and how much Council Tax you need to be paying.

Additional Costs

So you’re annexe is built and completed and the keys have been handed over to you. Now you need to consider additional bills.

Due to their smaller size, annexes are much more cost-effective than traditional houses. Especially when it comes to household costs. But no matter how much smaller they are, household costs such as electricity bills do still exist.

Making a plan beforehand can help decide bill responsibility. There’s an option to separate annexe bills from the rest of the house which, if you’re someone considering downsize, works incredibly well in helping to manage finances.

On the other hand, if the annexe is for an elderly, dependent relative, you need to consider the cost of at-home carers.

Typically, most homeowners look after their homes themselves but if you’re considering paying for upkeep, that’s also a cost to consider.

Get in Touch with Family Annexe

If you want to stay close to home or maintain your self-sufficiency and independence, one of our annexes are a suitable alternative. Providers of extra space, additional income, or suitable living units for both able-bodied and disabled family members.

With Family Annexe, you don’t have to worry about looking for a place that meets your requirements – tell us what you need and we can adapt and build exactly what you want.

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