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What Are The Most Popular Garden Annexe Designs?

Here in the UK granny annexes are becoming more and more popular. There are so many benefits to having a granny annexe in your garden and you can greatly improve your home with one.

Here at Family Annexe, we have some of the most innovative and contemporary garden annexes available, and we are confident we have the right one for you, no matter what your needs.

Why Are Granny Annexes So Popular?

Granny annexes are a popular way to help a loved one who cannot live on their own anymore but isn’t ready to move into a care home yet. If your loved one is struggling with little things, like climbing stairs or using the shower then it might be time for them to move into a home that is more suitable to their needs.

A granny annexe is essentially a small home that is built somewhere on your property, usually in your garden. These homes are designed to be perfect for older people or less-abled people to manage with ease.

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All of our granny annexes are designed to have easy to manoeuvre spaces and counters and bathrooms that are easy for anyone to use. We also have the option to add a wet room or grab rails should your loved one need them.

Best of all, our annexes are designed to be one storey, meaning your loved one doesn’t have to worry about stairs and our clever design uses windows to allow for as much natural light so that the annexe feels bright and airy.

One of the things that makes a granny annexe so popular, is its versatility. Whilst they are perfect for providing a home for your loved one, a garden annexe can have many other uses.

During the pandemic, there was a rise in people working from home. Because of this people found they needed more space or a separate office area to help them create a healthy work-life and home life balance.


Garden annexes can be used to make great home offices. You can have it fitted with a bathroom and kitchen so you don’t have to keep going back indoors and the clever, bright designs make for a perfect work environment.

If not an office then a garden annexe can make a great guest house or even be used as a social space like a den or a man cave. Its thanks to their variety and multitude of uses that granny annexes are so popular.

What Are The Most Popular Garden Annexe Designs?

Here at Family Annexe, we have a range of different designs for garden annexes. Some of our most popular styles of garden annexe include:

The one-bedroom garden annexe

Family Annexe has a variety of one-bedroom granny annexes starting from £55,250. These garden annexes make a perfect compact home or can be the perfect size if you are looking to convert a garden annexe into a home office.

Although they are only small, a one-bedroom annexe has everything you could possibly need from a home and its open-plan design with plenty of natural light makes every one of our one-bedroom garden annexes feel bright and spacious.

Foxglove Granny Annexe with Pitched Roof

The two-bedroom garden annexe

If you are looking for something a little bigger, then why not take a look at our range of two-bedroom annexes starting from £89,250.

A two-bedroom granny annexe can be a big help if you’re looking to house multiple family members in your granny annexe. Despite being a little bigger, there is no compromise to manageability and our two-bedroom annexes are just as easy to use and manoeuvre as our one-bedroom annexes.

A two-bedroom annexe can also make a great guest house, with enough space to house your family and friends when they visit or you can even rent it out. This can be a huge help if you have children that are looking to move out and become more independent, but can’t afford to move into their own place just yet.

What Are The Most Popular Garden Annexe Designs?

Bespoke garden annexe

If none of our granny annexe designs suit your needs then you can always design your own bespoke annexe. You can work closely with one of our experts and discuss everything you need your annexe to have, whether it be for an elderly loved one, a home office or just to help create the perfect place for you and your family to hang out and relax in.

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