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Can You Build Your Own Granny Annexe?

We’re all guilty of staring off into the abyss and having a one-track mind. And for those of you that have gardens, that one-track thought wondering around your head may have been about a granny annexe. Perhaps wondering whether your garden would comfortably house an annexe and if it was worth something to build one.

Without a measurement, you’ll never actually know. And that’s best when done by the professionals because they can get a true measurement and perform a complete check of the environment. If you’re confused about whether building your own granny annexe is possible, don’t be.

We’ll talk about if you can build an annexe in your garden and the necessary steps to take.

Planning Permission

Specific types of building developments may have specific permission requirements or reasonings for needing permission. The purpose of an outbuilding, such as what a granny annexe is, can dictate whether planning permission is required or not to begin a build.

Granny annexes that are considered ‘incidental’, acting simply as another room of the home, can be built without obtaining planning permission first. Though you will need to obtain a Certificate of Lawful Development from your Local Planning Authority (LPA).

Planning permission may also be unnecessary if your annexe:

  • Meets the legal definition of a mobile home according to the Caravan Act.
  • Will remain ancillary to the house and won’t be separated legally for sale or rent to non-family members.

But if your annexe does not meet these requirements or will be classed as a separate dwelling, you do need to send in an application for planning permission.

Council Tax For Annexes

When it comes to granny annexes, under particular circumstances council tax may be different. In some instances, an annexe can be completely exempt from Council Tax if it is being used by dependent relatives.

Otherwise, most of the time there is a 50% Council Tax discount available – only 50% is payable.

What Types of Annexes Are There?

Granny annexes come in many different styles and are often used for many different reasons.

Family Annexe offers a choice between one and two-bedroom annexes, at a starting price of £61,950. The Bluebell is the smallest annexe in our range and is perfect for those smaller garden plots. Featuring an open plan living-kitchen area, this annexe is a spacious one-bedroom living unit.

Our largest one-bed annexe is The Hawthorn, rounding up the one bedroom annexes at £78,450. It boasts a large double bedroom with open plan living design to get the most out of the space. This impressive model even has a built-in wardrobe.

At £89,250, The Honeysuckle starts off our two bedroom annexe range. It is the smallest two bedroom annexe we have available but still has plenty of internal space. That includes one single and one double bedroom with a built-in wardrobe!

From £106,950 our largest garden annexe, The Willow, is available. This annexe features incredible internal space designs, open plan living, and built-in wardrobes in both the bedrooms – one of which is a master bedroom with an ensuite.

A shower room and L-shaped kitchen also feature in this annexe model.

Our other designs, The Foxglove and The Sycamore, are £66,950 and £10,950 respectively. The Foxglove falls in mid-price range for our one bedroom annexes while The Sycamore falls mid-price range for the two bedroom designs.

Annexe Finishes

Available in a range of styles, colours, and finishes, every single annexe we build comes with a fully kitted out kitchen. From the sink to the extractor fan, we fit it all.

Shower rooms are designed to be practical and comfortable but can be amended to wet rooms if specification needs must. In the case of designing a wet room, we make comfort and ease our main priority as we understand that the occupant has issues with mobility. So we’ll include grab rails and shower seat additions.

Not only will your annexe look like a new build, but it’ll also feel like one, too. Especially with those cracking new digital radiators to heat your unit up.

Come To Professionals For Granny Annexe Building

It can be overwhelming to look at all the guidance and information available on the government site about planning permission. Suddenly it’s no longer seeming appealing to build your own granny annexe in your garden space.

We’re professionals here at Family Annexe! (We have a free brochure available to download featuring all of our annexe models.) One of expert team members will guide you through everything you’ll need to know, like potential costs and planning permission options.

Then we’ll be able to provide you with a detailed quote and some annexe sketches within a couple of days after the consultation. With an onsite visit to survey your garden, the project manager will be able to check utilities, drainage and electricity. Anything that might have an affect on your planning application.

One of the major parts of our service is that we’ll do the planning permission work for you. We’ll work on obtaining permission from your LPA for the annexe build. In fact, we work with independent planning professionals to make sure the result you get is the best.

Reach Out to Us

Maintaining independence, keeping the family close, or having your own private space is important. They are actually some of the main instigators for investing in an annexe to begin with. And we understand the important of such things.

Because if your annexe isn’t for a dependent relative, there are other purposes! Extra space, a family room, an unbothered space for completing work, anything. You name it, it can probably be it. As a living unit for your relatives, though, it takes away plenty of the stress that comes with finding the most suitable, most appropriate place for them.

Instead, our annexes will work for you. They meet your needs.

Reach out to us for more information on our services or annexes. Or even on our entire seven-step process. The team here is always happy to help you with whatever you need – advice, guidance, or answers.

Give us a buzz on 0330 1332 668 or email us via