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Are Granny Annexes Worth It?

A granny annexe is a great way to keep your loved ones close by, without taking away their independence. But with some granny annexes being over £100,000 to build and the possibility of losing some of your garden, you might be wondering are granny annexes worth it?

What Is A Granny Annexe?

A granny annexe is an extension to the home that is the perfect place for an elderly person live. At family Annexe, we design all of our granny annexes so that they are easy to manoeuvre and manage as you get older making the best place for your loved one to grow old in where you can still keep an eye on them and be there if they need you.

A granny annexe is usually built somewhere on the property, like in a garden, and looks a little bit like a normal garden shed. They are actually a small, compact, one-floor living space complete with everything your loved one needs to live easily and comfortably in their old age.

All of our family annexe granny annexes come with a fully fitted easy to use kitchen, a safe to use shower or wet room and come with a choice of one or two bedrooms depending on what your family needs.

If your loved one can’t live on their own there anymore but doesn’t need to live in or home or need round the clock care, then a granny annexe is a way to bring them closer to you without taking away their independence.

But with granny annexes being on the more expensive side, compared to other living alternatives for the elderly, are granny annexes worth it?

Bluebell Granny Annexe with Flat Roof
Bluebell: One-Bed Annexe

Are Granny Annexes Worth It?

There are many ways you can care for a loved one as they age and, on the surface, some might seem cheaper than building a granny annexe. A granny annexe however is an investment and can end up saving you money if your loved one ends up needing care for a long time.

With a granny annexe, you can make sure your loved one has everything they need, and you aren’t bound by availability and facilities. You can modify your annexe and even create bespoke designs so that you know they have everything they could possibly need as they age.

Best of all a granny annexe is a great way to keep your loved ones close and let them feel like they are one of the family still. Putting an older person in a home or hiring carers to look after them can be a very tough and isolating thing for an older person to have to deal with. With a granny annexe you can still make sure that your loved one is getting all the help they need but without the need to isolate them from their family.

Having their family can do wonders for an older person and for the whole family. You can still see your loved one whenever you need to or want to without the restrictions of visiting times and scheduling visits for them.

Ultimately a granny annexe is the best and one of the most cost effective way to keep your loved ones close and make sure that they are safe and doing well. They are absolutely worth it if you want to help your loved ones whilst still letting them keep their independence.

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