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Pros And Cons Of Building A Granny Flat

Having an elderly relative move in with you is a great way to make sure they are safe, and you know that they are getting all the care they need. However, you might find that your house is not suitable for an older person to live in and that they may struggle to live in your home unless you make some major modifications.

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What Is A Granny Flat?

A granny flat is a room or section of the house that has been modified for an older person to live there without assistance.

A granny flat is usually built somewhere like a garage or attic, where the resident can feel like they are not in the way and aren’t taking up a valuable room in the house.

Building a granny flat can have its benefits, but it’s not without its downsides either. Here are the pros and cons of building a granny flat.

Pros of Building a Granny Flat?

There are many pros and benefits to building a granny flat. You can keep your loved ones close by and always be near to them if they ever need help or you just want to check up on them.

This can be especially useful if your loved one has a serious disease or is living with a complex illness. The night is not so ill that they need to go into a home or need round the clock care, but you can always be on hand and keep a regular check on their condition and progression.

Your loved one might not be ill at all. Sometimes as we age certain tasks just get harder and it becomes difficult to resume regular household chores like cooking, shopping the other activities that require a lot of standing or moving about.

If your loved one is struggling to manage in their home but doesn’t need home care help or to move into a care home then a granny flat is the perfect solution.

A granny flat can be modified so that your relative and manage and live there with ease. You can make simple modifications like adding an easy to use stove or safety precautions like handrails and bars.

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Cons of Building a Granny Flat?

There are unfortunately cons to building a granny flat. by asking your loved one to come and live with you they are bound to feel like they are losing some of their independence.

When you convert a part of your house into a granny flat you will need to make some major adjustments and modifications to your home. This can mean completely redoing some areas of your home or renovating an entire room.

This can be both very expensive and inconvenient as you will end up living in a building site for however long it takes for them to renovate.

Is There An Alternate to a Granny Flat?

If a granny flat sounds like it had all the pros and benefits you need, but you don’t want any of the cons, then there is an alternative to a granny flat. A granny annexe has all of the great features and pros of the granny flat but without the cons.

A granny annexe is an external addition to your property and is often built in the garden. This means that you can still keep your loved ones close and be there for them when they need you, but you don’t have to keep them in your house where they may feel constricted.

A granny annexe is designed to function as a small house, and they are perfectly manageable for an older person to navigate and feel comfortable in.

Your loved one can line a happy, comfortable, independent life, but you can always be nearby in case they need any help, and they can always call on you and your family if ever need help or just a little bit of company.

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