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Why Independence Is So Important For Seniors

Everyone loves having their independence and we all want to have control over our lives. Sometimes as we age, we lose some of our independence and that can be discouraging and even upsetting to some people.

This is why independence is so important for seniors and what we need to keep their happiness and independence in mind, especially when it comes time to find suitable housing for our elderly relatives and loves ones when they can no longer live alone.

Why Independence Is So Important For Seniors

As your loved one’s age and gets older you might find that they can’t manage the same as they used to. Simple tasks like climbing the stairs or using baths and showers can put tremendous strain on their bodies and make it difficult for them.

When this happens to people, they might feel like they are losing some control over their lives and that they are losing their independence.

This is especially true if your loved one is struggling so much that they need help around the home and can no longer manage in their own home without help. Whether it’s a family member helping them or a paid home care assistant, being taken care of and being looked after can make you feel like you are losing your independence.

Losing any independence and control in your life can be tough, especially when you’ve lived a long rich life full of independence.

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How Can I Help An Elderly Relative With Out Affecting Their Independence?

We understand that as children you want what’s best for your parents. Seeing them struggle can be hard and we know you just want to help them as much as you can.

Sometimes the help we provide to our loved ones can, in fact, be more of a hindrance. If your loved one can still manage in their home to some extent, then it is best to try and let them for as long as possible.

If your loved one does need help around the home, however, there are lots of ways you can assist them without encroaching on their space and independence.

The best thing you can do is just be there for them. If your loved one needs help, then you need to be available for them whenever they may call for you. we understand that this can be difficult, especially if you work long hours or don’t live in the same town as them.

If this is the case, then you might need to look into moving your loved one closer. This could mean finding a more suable house for them like a bungalow or flat or looking into moving them to sheltered accommodation. This might not possible however as it is relying on there being a suitable home available when you need it.

If you want to keep your loved one close so you can help them then the best option is to have them move in with you, however, this can strip them of their independence. If you want to have your loved one live with you but still want them to be able to live a happy independent lifestyle then we recommend a granny annexe.

Grandfather and Grandson

Can A Granny Annexe Help An Elderly Relative Keep Their Independence?

A granny annexe is a great way to keep your loved one nearby. A granny annexe is usually built somewhere on the property and is designed to work like a small, fully functioning home.

At Family Annexe, all of our granny annexes are designed to be easy for an elderly person to use and manage. They are built with comfort and functionality in mind so that your loved one can live a happy independent lifestyle, but always be nearby if you ever need or just want to check on them.

Here at Family Annexe, we have a range of granny annexes and we are sure that you will find the right granny annexe for you and your loved one.

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