Balancing Work And Caring For Elderly Relatives

As your relatives and loved ones get older you might find that you have to spend more and more time caring for them. Varying for a loved one can be difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule that means you have to balance work and family as well.

Balancing work and caring for elderly relatives isn’t easy but it is possible if you are able to find a care schedule that works for you and your family.

Struggling to balence and caring for relatives

Can I Balance Work And Caring For Elderly Relatives?

Balance work and caring for elderly relatives can be difficult, especially if your loved requires a lot of care and attention. As your relatives get older, they might struggle to manage in their homes. simple tasks like climbing the stairs can become difficult and your loved ones might struggle to cope in the house on their own.

When this happens, you will probably end up having to visit them more and more often to make sure they are ok. You might not be able to go to the shops on their own and so the task of doing their shopping may fall to you along with other household chores like cooking and cleaning.

This can cut into your already hectic schedule especially if you’re having to visit your loved one straight after leaving work. If it comes to a point when your loved one can’t manage in their home without your support anymore, then it might be time to start to look into housing for them.


Should I Move My Loved One To A Care Home Or Care For Them At Home?

When an elderly relative can no longer live alone in their own home, there are many options and alternatives available when it comes to housing. Although there are so many different options, not all of them are suitable so be sure to know exactly what you and your loved one need before you make any big decisions.

Different care options can work for different people, but if your loved one is just struggling around the house you might need to consider a care home or look into home care assistants just yet.

The best way to balance work and caring for an elderly relative is to have the elderly relative live as close to you as possible, this way you can always be nearby if they need you. In some cases, it might be easy to have your loved one move in with you.

If you are thinking of having a loved one move in with you then there are several ways you can do this. having a loved one move in with you can be difficult especially if your hose doesn’t have much more space and you don’t want to start modifying your home to have a granny flat.

If this is the case, then you might want to think about building a granny annexe.


Should I Build A Granny Annexe?

A granny annexe is a perfect way to have your loved ones close to you but in a way that lets them keep their independence and doesn’t mean you have to start sharing your home and losing some of your space.

A granny annexe is a small extension built somewhere on the property, usually the garden. A granny annexe is a small building that is also a fully functioning home that has been specially designed so that your elderly relative can easily manage in their new home.

All of our annexes here at Family Annexe is designed with functionality in mind. We make sure that all of our granny annexes is perfect for people of all abilities to be able to manage. You will work closely with the designers and engineers so that you know the annexe you choose is right for your loved and you can make any necessary modifications you need along the way.

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