Elderly couple in a garden

Living Options For The Elderly

There are many different living options for the elderly but it’s important to know how they differ in order to decide which is the best option for your loved ones.

Everyone is different and a living option that might be alright for some might not be suitable for others. Be sure to examine every option and make sure you make the right choice for yourself and your family.

Staying In Their Own Home

Ideally, you’d want your parent or parents to be able to remain in their own home. This can be an option for some people especially if they are still able to do most things by themselves, however, it can become costly over time.

As your loved one gets older, they may start to struggle with certain aspects of managing the home of caring for themselves. If your loved one starts to struggle around the home or needs constant care you might have to start paying for them to have home carers.

Plus, to remain in their own home, your loved one may have to invest in home adaptations, such as ramps, grab rails, a walk-in shower and a stairlift.

The Cost Of Ageing

Sheltered Living

Sheltered housing can be a great living option for the elderly as these homes are purpose build for elderly people. They are designed to make the resident feel safe and have measures put in place, like alarm systems, to make sure the resident is safe.

Unfortunately, it’s not always a guarantee that you will find available sheltered housing in your area and you might not want to be too far from your loved one in these years.

Care Home

A care home is a perfect option for someone who needs round-the-clock care. With a care home, someone will be there all the time to make sure a loved one has been looked after.

Care homes however can be very costly, and some have restricted visiting times meaning you night is not able to visit your loved one as much as you would like. Care homes are usually seen as a last resort and unless your loved one needs help 24 a care home can be very costly.

Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are purpose-built villages designed to make living easy for the elderly. They are a great way for your loved one to be safe and have the opportunity to live in a home that is easy and simple to manage.

Retirement villages are often very luxuriously designed and are built for comfort and leisure. this means that they can be rather expensive to live in and aren’t a very cost-effective option if you are looking for a long-term living solution.

Elderly couple in a garden

Living With Relative

Ideally, we want to keep our loved ones close so that we can always make sure they are getting the care and help they need. having a loved one come and live with you is the perfect way to keep an eye on them and always be there when they need you.

Unfortunately, when an older person comes to live with you, you might find your house isn’t suitable for an older person and you have to modify your home to make it more manageable. Installing things like stairlifts and handrails can be costly and whilst it may seem like a cheaper option, having a relative come and live with you can be more costly and difficult than it first seems.  

Granny Annexe

A granny annexe is a home extension that is purpose-built to make life easy and simple for you older relative. this way you can keep your loved one close and always be there to make sure they are safe and managing their new home.

A Family Annexe granny annexe is designed to have everything your loved one could ever possibly need. all of our annexes are easy and manageable whilst also allowing your loved ones to still keep their independence and live in their own home.

With a granny annexe, you can have the benefits of living with a relative, being there whenever your loved one needs and making sure they are okay without having to make adaptations to your home.

Sycamore Granny Annexe with Pitched Roof
Sycamore: Two-Bed Annexe

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