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Things To Consider Before Building A Granny Annexe

As you get older you may find that you are struggling to manage in your current home. You may need some assistance of care, but not so much that you need a home care assistant.

A granny annexe is a perfect solution. You can have your family close by in case you ever need them, but still, get to keep your independence.

If you are thinking about building a granny annexe then there are a few things you should consider before making any big decisions.

We understand that choosing to build a granny annexe is a huge decision and we want to make sure you have all the information you need before you make your decision.

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What Is A Granny Annexe?

A granny annexe is an extension to your home, that is also a fully functioning living area. Typically, it is an external extension that you would build in a garden. A granny annexe is essentially a small home, purpose-built for easy access and living.

Every Family Annexe granny annexe includes a working kitchen, bathroom, living space and either one or two bedrooms depending on your needs. A granny annexe can be designed to accommodate almost anyone’s need, such as handrails in the bathroom to make it easier to use.

A granny annexe is supplied with plumping and electricity. They are designed to let in natural light and insulated so that you will not be too hot or too cold. A granny annexe is most important a place you can feel safe and secure in as you grow old and even more importantly, a home.

Do I Need A Granny Annexe?

A granny annexe is typically used by an older person who can live independently but may need a helping hand around the home every now and then. If you find you are struggling around the house, maybe if you find you struggle with stairs or that your house is too big for you to maintain, it may be time to look at moving into a granny annexe.

Perhaps you have had a fall and no longer feel as confident living in your current home. Or, maybe your family don’t live nearby and are having to travel regularly and stay at your home or in accommodation nearby to help care for you.

A granny annexe is a great way to remain close to your family without worrying you are in the way or getting under their feet. You get to keep your independence and will have no trouble managing in a Family Annexe granny annexe. All of our annexes are designed with functionality in mind, and we aim to make them a comfortable but easy place to live.

If you no longer want to live alone but do not feel ready for home care or a care home then a granny annexe is the perfect solution. Our annexes are specially designed so you can feel safe and happy, whilst also feeling at home.

Can I Get A Granny Annexe?

To see if you are able to build a granny annexe, we will need to do a site survey. An initial survey can be done over the phone to give you a rough estimate of what your annexe will look like, what features you would need and a possible price.

A second survey will then be done in person to double-check you have to room. We will also check to see if we are able to properly provide your annexe with electricity and plumping. We will need to ensure that building a granny annexe will not cause any problems for your neighbours and get planning permission.

Once these steps have been completed, we will finalise the design and start building your Family Annexe granny annexe. Our annexe starts from £55,250; we have a variety of different designs and can modify your annexe to suit you and your needs.

You will have a say in the design of your annexe, from the functions to the little details, like colours and patterns. It is important you feel safe and secure in one of our granny annexes and more importantly, we want to make sure you feel at home for this next, new, and exciting chapter of your life.

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