Sycamore Granny Annexe Bedroom

How Many Bedrooms Can A Granny Annexe Have?

Can a granny annexe have more than one bedroom? What is the biggest you can go to? Would you need that many bedrooms? This blog answers your granny annexe bedroom questions.

How Big Can A Granny Annexe Be?

We’ve written about this in a previous blog but there are size limitations on granny annexes – in a nutshell, your annexe must not take up more than 50% of your garden.

If you have an enormous garden, you can build a bigger annexe, and add more bedrooms. But the average-sized back garden has a limit to what is going to fit.

Your annexe usually isn’t allowed to exceed the size of your actual home either.

How Many Bedrooms Can A Granny Annexe Have?

For most average gardens, a granny annexe will have one or two bedrooms. Technically, you can build an annexe with as many bedrooms as you like if the size of your property is big enough to situate a bigger annexe, but average back gardens (around 40 sq. ft according to a survey done by Foxtons estate agency), and the average customer looking to buy an annexe will go for one or two beds.

Prefabricated annexes, such as the ones we build and supply come in a series of set sizes with differing bedroom numbers that have been carefully designed, based on our years of experience, to suit most average gardens.

Most importantly, they are also designed with local planning limits in mind and size restrictions based on the average-sized customer garden. This ensures a positive planning permission outcome is easier to achieve.

Of course, if planning permits and you want something larger than can be found in our standard selection of annexes, we are more than happy to help you with a bespoke annexe build.

Bluebell Granny Annexe Bedroom

How To Decide On The Number Of Bedrooms

More bedrooms mean a bigger annexe which equals more money so some people may choose to be economical when it comes to choosing their annexe and go for a one-bedroom annexe. A one-bedroom annexe is ideal for a single person.

However, there are a few reasons you may want to spend a little more money on a two-bedroom annexe.

A two-bedroom annexe feels more ‘future proof’ to some families. Especially a large family where there may be two sets of ageing parents. A spare bedroom can come in handy should an occupant need nursing at home and the other occupant not be disturbed, or it can be useful for having people stop over – the grandkids, for example.

The number of bedrooms in an annexe doesn’t usually affect planning permission (which is based on the total footprint of the annexe), or financials like granny annexe council tax. The decision on which to pick usually comes down to money, space, and your family’s needs.

One Bedroom Annexes

The smallest and most cost-effective annexe we offer is the charming one-bed Bluebell model. Starting from £55,250 this petite model packs quite a lot inside with a separate bathroom and a lovely open plan kitchen and living area. Ideal for a single person.

pillows on a bed

The Hawthorn is our biggest one-bed annexe, is ideal for a couple and has the same great features as the Bluebell but on a larger scale – the open plan living area is spacious and has French windows so the occupants can look out onto the garden.

Two-Bedroom Annexes

If you are looking for a more spacious two-bed annexe, the Sycamore is a great option and whilst being spacious, will still fit comfortably int the average back garden. You can choose a pitched roof to make your annexe even more spectacular.

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