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Do You Need A Legal Agreement When Living With Family?

Granny annexes have become hugely popular now for not only the elderly as they age, but for younger people staying at home, too. They’re great for keeping relatives close to home, for providing extra space, or for those struggling to find affordable places to rent. A granny annexe can be the solution to many problems families sometimes find themselves facing. But does living in a dwelling mean that you’ll need a legal agreement when living with family?

Do You Need A Legal Agreement When Living With Family?

There are many elements of living with family, one of which is legalities. Let’s dive into what the legal agreement is when living with family.

The Cohabitation Agreement

The legal agreement when living with other people, including family, is known as a cohabitation agreement. When one person is the sole property owner, this agreement is particularly useful. The sole property owner can record that any other person living on the property will not have intentions to gain beneficial interests in the property.

This agreement provides certainty to the involved parties so they know where they stand. Cohabitation Agreements are, often times, quite useful in a situation where family members have provided money for a granny annexe.

If an older relative lives with a younger one or alone and the family has provided finances, Cohabitation Agreements can help to avoid misunderstandings and set out financial responsibilities clearly.

However, you don’t have to have one. If you don’t sign Cohabitation Agreements, then that’s fine. It’s not against the law. Having one is all down to choice and sometimes, circumstance. For example, if you end up renting out a granny annexe long-term to someone who isn’t family.

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Why A Granny Annexe Is Good When Living With Family

For larger familiar, intergenerational living arrangements can really provide plenty of social and practical benefits for all. Like not having to be far from them or being able to build relationships by spending quality time together.

Because of that, there’s many things that make granny annexes worthwhile.

More Time With Family Members

Getting older usually means less free time and busier schedules – whether it’s busy with children, a job, or other things in life. So it’s not always possible or easy to arrange time to visit your elderly relatives.

Instead, moving them closer to home means that this feat becomes much easier. Whether you just invite them over for lunch or just sit in the garden with them.

Independence Offered

The level of independence offered by having a granny annexe is much greater than if your family members were to move into a care home. Having control over this living arrangement can make it easier for them to settle in because they’ll be close to the family.

And even if they’re moving in to a newly built annexe, it’ll still feel more like home because the family is right there for support and help. Despite the family being close, it even helps with how independent the relative feels. They might like that they’re being left to themselves and cared for only when they ask rather than every little thing being done for them.

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How We Can Help Navigate The Legal Agreement When Living With Family

Staying close to home and maintaining the privacy and independence of your loved one is important. We understand that. That’s why we think annexes are amazing alternatives.

Not to mention they’re multi-purpose – extra space, an office area, a family bonding unit, or suitable living units for elderly relatives. With annexes, you don’t have to worry about issues like looking to upgrade your house or putting your elderly relative in care.

Instead, our annexes will work to meet your requirements. Tell us what you need and we’ll build it.

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