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Why Is A Granny Annexe A Separate Dwelling?

There are different circumstances that can determine whether or not an annexe is a separate dwelling. The biggest determining factor is the building purpose itself.

Most annexes are used as alternative living solutions for elderly parents or other elderly relatives so that they can stay nearby whilst maintaining their independence. They’re close by for help and support should they need it, but they’re free to live in their own space and do what they want.

It’s more about providing safety, security, and comfort to your elderly relative more than anything else.

Your Annexe As A Separate Dwelling

To put it frankly – when being used the way the majority of Family Annexe customers use their annexe, it is not classed as a separate dwelling. Because you’re providing an alternative living arrangement.

The registered address of an annexe is the family home. This is because annexes will typically be built on the same plot of the primary building. An annexe, therefore, can be an extension of the main building or detached completely, but it won’t have a separate address registered.

Family Annexe’s six unique models are all detached form the primary dwelling.

Do I Need To Pay Council Tax?

This is one of the topics we have the most frequently asked questions for: council tax. We totally get it. Council tax is one of our most expensive bills.

It’s likely that you won’t have to pay full rate council tax with an annexe. Actually, discounts of 50% are known to be given by local authorities for residents of an annexe property. However, there are requirements in order to be granted this 50% discount. Such a requirement as the person living in the annexe must have some relation to those in the main dwelling.

But it can be any one specific person. They don’t have to be related to everyone inside the main building, as long as they are related to one.

What About Planning Permission?

Yes. You need that, too.

If any annexe or outbuilding is built for the purpose of living or sleeping, it needs planning permission. The process for getting planning permission does take time, so it will add time to the overall project. That’s not as daunting as you may think, though! In fact, obtaining planning permission is part of our service here at Family Annexe.

So there’s nothing to put you off at all!

At Family Annexe, we use a two-pronged approach for obtaining planning permission. We get this from your LPA – Local Planning Authority. It’s important we do it through the LPA as each area and region can have different approaches and even guidance on planning policies.

Our planning experts are the ones who will fill out all the documents. Crossing T’s, dotting I’s, working with your Case Officer closely. We want to make your annexe project as relaxing for you as possible, which is why we handle all the stress-inducing jobs.

What If I Want To Let My Annexe?

Renting out any properties you own as holiday lets is becoming a really popular thing. More people are looking for self-contained apartments to stay in and it’s an excellent way for property owners to make a little extra money.

And doing this with your annexe is completely fine. However, all those benefits we talked about? 50% council tax rates? That doesn’t apply in this situation. If you have the intention to let out your annexe as a holiday stay, it cannot still be classed as a single dwelling.

Rather, a more appropriate register for an annexe of this purpose would be as a lodging. Not to mention a whole new set of responsibilities related to being a landlord. Responsibilities such as getting repairs sorted as soon as possible, putting the annexe through multiple inspections. Usually including an inspection before, during, and after each letting.

Choose A Family Annexe Design

Our full range of annexes are available in six bespoke models, each design ranging in both price and size. They’re perfect for many different garden and outdoor spaces.

When it comes to providing for you, annexes are incredibly adaptable. Extra space, additional income, a suitable living area for elderly or disabled relatives, an extra room, a family gathering space. And for family members that want their elderly relatives to stay close, they’re the most ideal solution.

Aside from elderly relatives, multi-generational families can really benefit from granny annexes, too. Having all the family together is always a cause for celebration, but all under one roof… That’s bound to be more than a little full. An annexe comes in handy here for providing the extra space that your house might not have.

Get in Touch

We have an incredibly friendly bunch as a team here so you don’t have to worry about reaching out to us. Everything from planning to pricing to giving you the key, we’re happy to be the ones to support you through your annexe project.

Between 9.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday, you can contact us directly on 0330 1332 668. Or you can go digital and send us an email at

Any enquiries or queries you send will be answered as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can request a brochure. Featuring all of our annexes, these brochures have all the information on the features and finishes of each model. There’s even two copies – digital and physical. Oh, did we mention that they’re free? Well, they are.