Bluebell Garden Annexe

Flat Roof Granny Annexes

Family Annexe provides a range of different granny annexes. Our annexes vary in size, the number of bedrooms and accessibility so you can find the right annexe for you and your loved one’s needs. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Not a problem; our annexes are all custom built so they can be any size, layout, colour and specification. 

Our annexes come with a flat roof or a pitched roof. The size, shape and type of the roof can make a difference to the annexe. We understand that choosing to build an annexe for a loved one is a big decision and we want to make sure you have all the information you need when making this decision.

A Hawthorn Annexe with a flat roof
A Hawthorn Annexe with a flat roof

Should I Get A Flat Roof Annexe?

When designing your annexe you will need to choose the type of roof you would like, depending on the planning permission you get. Flat EPDM roofs come as standard, but can easily be upgraded to a more traditional pitched roof for an additional cost.  

There are many benefits to getting a flat roof annexe over a pitched roof annexe such as:


All of our annexes come with a flat roof as standard and this included in the overall price of your annexe. If you want a pitched roof for your granny annexe you will have to pay and extra and it can add an extra £5000 to the overall cost.

Flat roofs are quick and easy to install in your annexe, whereas a pitched roof may take longer than anticipated. If you need your annexe built quickly you may want to go for a flat roof.

Flat roof annexes are a great, quick, efficient and cost-effective way to build a gorgeous looking granny annexe without having to lose any of the functionality.


The pitched roof is of course a more traditional and conventional look for an annexe, but a flat roof offers a choice to those looking for something a little different.

Flat roof annexes have a more contemporary feel to them and are a more modern and trendy choice, especially when fitted with grey or black fascias.

Of course, it depends on your personal preference. You might want the annexe to match the look and style of your house. Here at Family Annexe, we have a range of tiles for you to choose from when designing your annexe.


In some cases, it may not be possible for you to have a pitched roof. If you have a bungalow or live near someone who does, a flat roof may be your only option. Your choice of roof type may be limited depending on the initial site survey and planning permission.

If having a pitched roof may affect the quality of living for a neighbour, then you may have to have a flat roof. Pitched roofs can sometimes block sunlight or obstruct views for the surrounding properties.

A Bluebell Annexe with a flat roof
A Bluebell Annexe with a flat roof

Is There A Difference Between A Flat Roof Annexe And A Pitched Roof Annexe?

Overall there is very little difference between a flat roof annexe and a pitched roof annexe. The main difference is the style and aesthetic of the annexe. We understand that when you build an annexe you are essentially extending your home and you want it to look good.

Functionally, there is no difference between the two builds. The interior design and layout of the annexe will remain unchanged. An annexe with a flat roof may have a lower ceiling than that of an annexe with a pitched roof. All of our annexes are a good size and we are confident your loved ones will have no problem with the size of the annexe, regardless of which roof you choose.

Even if the roof is slightly lower, there will be no shortage of light in your granny annexe. We utilise windows to make sure your loved one has as much natural light as they can have, without compromise to the building or their privacy.

Despite being called a flat roof, they are built on a slight slope. This is so water can easily run down if it rains. This means there is no difference in draining between a flat roof annexe and a pitched roof annexe so you need not worry about any moisture or dampness affecting your loved one.

A Sycamore Annexe with a flat roof
A Sycamore Annexe with a flat roof

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