Elderly parents in the garden

Caring For Elderly Parents At Home

Here at Family Annexe, we understand that all you want is what is best for your family. As your parents get older, you might notice them struggling more and that they might be a little slower or get exhausted more easily than they used to.

It could be that your parent is ill or can no longer manage in their own home. If your parents can’t live on their own anymore but they don’t want or need to be in a care home then you might want to think about caring for elderly parents at home.

An older couple in the garden

Why Care For Your Elder Parents Home?

If your parents are struggling to cope on their own then you’re probably thinking of ways you can help them out and make their lives easier. Your parents will likely have to move out of their home at some point. If they are struggling with a lot of stairs, have a lot of rooms going unused or if they live too far away from you then you might want to discuss relocation.

A care home is an option if you find your loved one can no longer live without support, but it’s not for everyone. Moving into a care home can make your parent feel like they are losing a sense of independence and they probably won’t want to go.

If a parent moves into a care home this might also mean you are restricted to when you can see them, a lot of care homes have strict visiter times and you have to arrange to take them out from day which can hinder your parent’s social life and limit the time you and your family get to spend with them.

If you want to be there for your loved one but worry about them struggling on their own in a big house or living too far away for you to keep an eye on them, you might want to try a granny annexe

Elderly parents in the garden

What Is A Granny Annexe?

A granny annexe is a small extension to your house, usually a small building or large shed that is built in your garden. This way your parents can still live with you on your property but don’t have to worry about invading your space and being a burden in the family home.

A granny annexe serves as a smaller, more functional house for the elderly. Our Family Annexe granny annexes are perfectly designed to have everything you could possibly need, including a fully fitted, easy to use kitchen and a bathroom with the option to include handrails and bars should you need them.

All of our granny annexes are gorgeously designed with both comfort and efficacy in mind. We make great use of natural lighting to give your annexe a bright and airy feel. We have a range of designs to choose from, as well as the option to design your own bespoke granny annexe. You get the final say on any designs, as well as little details and finishing touches.

Hawthorn granny annexe kitchen

Why Use A Granny Annexe?

A granny annexe is a great way to have an elderly parent move in with you whilst still letting them keep their independence and live life to the fullest. Our granny annexes are designed to suit any elderly person and can make life so much easier.

This way they will always be easy to reach and close enough that you can easily pop round to help with anything and to just check on them if ever you worried. A granny annexe is a perfect way to keep a loved one close and in your care without needing to share your home plan your day around visiting them and travelling to see them.

With a Family Annexe granny annexe, you can keep your loved ones safe and close for as long as they need meaning you don’t have to worry about them being out of reach. Without the uneasy stress and worry of not knowing how your parents are doing,  you can enjoy this new chapter of your lives together as a family.

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