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Granny Annexe vs Sheltered Living

There are several options for housing when the time comes that your elderly relatives need to relocate or downsize.

Ideally, we would all love to live in our family homes but sadly this isn’t a possibility for most people. Most houses are not designed for the elderly so these properties can become difficult to manage and will start to hinder your loved one over time.

If your loved one still wants the independence of living alone but can’t mage in their house anymore there are a variety of living options.

The Cost Of Ageing

What is Sheltered Living?

Sheltered living is rented accommodation and housing that is specially designed for people with certain needs. These houses or flats are usually only one story and are equipped with a litany of helpful modifications like wet rooms and shower bars, that make life that much easier for an older person.

Sheltered living often has extra security measures in place so that your loved one can always feel safe and secure. They will have things like alarms to alert you or the onsite member of staff when something is wrong, or they need help and nowadays a lot of sheltered living has CCTV cameras so that the residents can see who it is that is knocking on their door or coming to visit.

A downside to sheltered living is that it isn’t always readily available. To get into sheltered living you will have applied through a website or app and will then be put on a waiting list. There might not be any sheltered living accommodation available in your area and if there is there isn’t a guarantee you will get it. Services like this will assess your needs, and the accommodation will be given to those who need it most.

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What Is A Granny Annexe?

A granny annexe is the term given for a small living space built on your property. These small purpose build houses are perfectly designed to fit snugly in your garden and have everything your loved one could possibly need.

We designed all of our granny annexes with comfort and functionality in mind. Every annexe we have comes fully kitted out with a stylish and easy to use kitchen, shower room or wet room and we have annexes with one or two bedrooms depending on your needs.

These homes are perfect if you want to keep your loved one close but don’t want to take away their independence. With a granny annexe, they can still do everything that they could do before like cook delicious meals, decorate their home with all their precious belongings and memories and sit back and relax as they enjoy their later years.

How Do I Get A Granny Annexe?

When you use a company like Family Annese getting a granny annexe is easy. We have a beautiful range of granny annexes starting from £55,250. We are proud of all our designs, and we can help tailor them to your loved one with slight modifications and décor. If none of our granny annexes is what you’re looking for then you can work closely with our engineers and design your own bespoke granny annexe that is perfect for your loved one.

It all starts with a simple no fee, no-obligation phone call with a member of our helpful team. They will discuss what you need and what you would like from your granny annexe. From there we can send you a proposed drawing of the annexe and give you a quote on how much it will cost.

Here at Family Annexe, we take care of everything. If you decide to proceed with the process we will complete the site survey and take all the measurements we need to decide where the best place to build your annexe would be and the logistics of setting up the water and electricity.  

We deal with all the paperwork such as planning permission so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. We then finalise the design, add any finishing touches and get to work building your annexe.

The annexe is built on our site and then transported and installed on your property. A friendly member of our staff will give you a quick tour before handing you the keys to your new home. After that, it’s up to you and your family to enjoy your time together knowing your elderly loved one is safe.

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If you would like to find out more about granny annexes, get in touch with Family Annexe. We have six unique annexe models available, each providing a safe and cost-effective solution to elderly care.

Family Annexe has an efficient seven-step process, designed to make your annexe experience stress-free and enjoyable. This starts with a free, no-obligation consultation!