FA Blog Image Maximising Energy Efficiency in Granny Annexes

Maximising Energy Efficiency in Granny Annexes

In this Family Annexe blog, we aim to explore ways in which you can maximise energy efficiency in granny annexes. The increasing cost of living has and still is affecting many of us massively, unfortunately. With the energy crisis, increased rent, and increased produce prices, it seems pretty hopeless. But there are things you can do to lessen at least one of those burdens.

Being energy efficient helps to decrease your energy bills. And some of the solutions for practising energy efficiency are so simple and so easy!

The Current Energy Crisis

Energy crises happen when the energy demand is higher than the country’s supply and buying wholesale gas and coal is more expensive than it was before.

There are quite a number of reasons an energy crisis might happen, like wars, market manipulation, strikes, overconsumption, etc. The UK’s energy sector has been cornered in what seems like one foul sweep.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is one of the leading contributors to why the energy sector and overall business economy of Europe continues to suffer. Especially as Russia was one of the biggest suppliers of energy worldwide.

But the invasion of Ukraine isn’t the only factor – we had multiple lockdowns over the 2020-2022 period and some incredibly cold snaps in 2021 and 2022 respectively. These only increased the country’s overall demand for energy. What’s more is that the energy cap is expected to increase this year.

On their own, these issues may have been better dealt with but all combined… It places a huge amount of pressure on households all across the UK.

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Maximising Energy Efficiency in Granny Annexes

At the minute, energy efficiency is one of the easiest solutions you can do to help yourself out and save money. Plus, it’s also better for the environment and helps you to reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

Turn Off Appliances

Any electrical appliance that you have in your home will draw power continuously. Unless you unplug it or turn it off. That’s a lot of appliances – televisions, computers, game consoles, and other accessories such as speakers, music players, chargers. Especially as more than one of us are guilty for unplugging our phone but not the phone charger.

So always turn off the power switch on the socket, otherwise unplug the appliances, when you’re not using them. By doing this, you can save an average of £70 every year.

Lower Temperature Laundry Loads

Did you know that you can save up to £40 a year if you choose a lower temperature on your washing machine?

Modern washing machines clean clothes on 30 degree and 40 degree washes just as effectively as a 60 degree wash. In fact, washing on a lower temperature means that you could use 3 cycles rather than 2. All using the same amount of energy with the 3 cycles that you would’ve used on 2.

Choose To Air Dry

The tumble dryer is the one device in a household that uses the most energy. And by using it less, you can save quite a chunk – £70 a year.

You don’t have to stop using it altogether, but make sure that every time you do use it you have a full load. That’s about three quarters of the drum. Overdoing it will just lengthen the time that it’s on for.

Otherwise, you can always use a clothes airer. They’re pretty flexible, too, because you can put them inside or outside.

Closing Blinds or Curtains

A long-known heat preservation method.

Closing your blinds and curtains helps stop warm air escaping through your windows which reduces your heating costs. Especially as many room designs have radiators right below the window.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Traditional incandescent bulbs have a much shorter lifespan in comparison to LEDs, which last up to 20 times longer than incandescent. By making the switch, you can save on your energy bills as LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Save up to £55 a year with LEDs which are not only available in different colours but also is low maintenance.

Granny Annexes with Family Annexe

Energy costs, on top of living costs, can be quite the bill to foot if you live alone and this may not be the best for you financially. Running a larger house when you’re by yourself isn’t the best option if you want to be in a stable living condition.

Following this route, it would make sense to downsize. And there’s no better opportunity than this to downsize to a granny annexe and live in the garden of a family member. This situation reduces your costs plentiful – insurance, council tax, broadband, and water bills will be sought from the main property. Plus, there’s the discounts and council tax exemptions for those that qualify.

Annexe living is actually just as sustainable as a newly built, ‘go-green’ house. Family Annexe’s six unique models are different, too. They come with LEDs pre-installed and electric radiators replacing traditional central heating systems. Maximising energy efficiency in granny annexes can be simple!

Get in touch with Family Annexe at any time; the team is incredibly welcoming. Have a query about living in a garden annexe? Contact us by phoning 0330 1332 668 or send us an inbox at info@familyannexe.com. We’re happy to help!

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