Bluebell Granny Annexe Bedroom

5 Ideas To Make Your New Granny Annexe Feel Like Home

Depending on the size and layout of your annexe there are lots of design tips and tricks you can use to make the most of your space and create a stunning, cosy home. Here are 5 ideas to make your new granny annexe feel like home.

Settling Into Your New Annexe

There is no way of getting around it – a granny annexe will be considerably smaller than a traditional family home. Although granny annexe designs like ours give you plenty of usable space by cleverly making the most of the available space, one of the key benefits of moving to an annexe is to ‘downsize’ your space and possessions!

However, downsizing doesn’t mean your new home has to be any less cosy – you sometimes just need to be a little smarter about keeping your spaces clutter-free (less to clean too!), but you can still bring warm, homely touches to an annexe.

5 Ideas To Make Your New Granny Annexe Feel Like Home

Here are five of our ideas for designing the interior of your annexe to make it feel like home.

Smart storage

Although we like to be surrounded by our favourite possessions – think treasured ornaments, photos and other knick-knacks, things that aren’t particularly beautiful to look at, but you need to keep anyway can be hidden from view with clever storage solutions.

One of the easiest ways to store away possessions you don’t need immediate access to is to use storage baskets or boxes. Stacked on shelves, they aren’t too difficult to access when you do need something, especially if you label boxes too. This will keep your annexe free of clutter and give you more space to display items that mean a lot.

a granny annexe kitchen

Choose fabrics wisely

Fabrics are an important part of any interior and can turn a space into a cosy spot almost instantly. Think curtains, throws and cushions – the more fabrics the better!

Choosing an overall colour them for your fabrics will ensure your annexe feels cohesive and one tip many interior designers recommend is to choose different textures. For example, mixing wool with linen, faux fur, or more silky fabrics. Mix it up!

Artwork and pictures

Who doesn’t love artwork and photographs? Even if you decide to keep your annexe walls a muted colour, you can add instant colour and make the place feel like a home by hanging family photographs and any artworks or prints you might have collected.

Why not create a gallery wall? Browse Pinterest for instructions and ideas.

a gallery wall is a great way to add an element of design to your granny annexe

Clever furniture

One way to maximise your space is to use multifunctional and clever pieces of furniture. For example, items that can be stored away when you aren’t using them, such as folding chairs or a dresser which doubles up as a desk.

One essential item is a folding table, like this one from Dunelm. When in its folded position it is ideal for just one or two people but can easily be flipped open to accommodate the family. ideal if you plan on having grandchildren sleeping over enjoy dining with your family regularly.

Set the mood with lighting

Although our annexe designs come supplied with light fixtures and fittings, adding your additional lights is a great way to make your home comfortable.

Lamps are a great way to make spaces cosier, light up room corners and are also useful when more light is needed – such as next to the bedside for reading or next to your dining table if you enjoy doing crafts.

The good news is the walls of your new annexe are strong enough to attach new fittings should you need them. We love plug in wall lamps with exposed cables – very trendy!