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3 Reasons Prefab Annexes Are Great

If you’ve landed on our website or have been looking at prefabricated annexes online, you’ve already probably decided that a prefab annexe is the ideal solution for your situation. This could be needing a place for an elderly parent to live, or because you have a large family and want more living space on your property. It could even be a solution for an older child who is struggling to get on the property ladder in today’s economy.

Whatever the reason, you’re already fairly set on an annexe build but we thought we would help out by pointing out what we consider to be the top benefits of prefab annexes.

Read on for our top three reasons why we believe prefab annexes are a great solution!

Reasons To Buy A Prefab Annexe

First of all, prefab (prefabricated) refers to the fact that the annexe is prebuilt, offsite in a factory setting. It is then delivered to your home and assembled onsite. If you’ve ever watched the home-building TV show, Grand Designs, you may be familiar with the concept.

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Prefab annexes are renowned for the value they provide home builders, as well as unparalleled quality. Here are our top three reasons prefab annexes are great:

Speed and Efficiency

One of the main advantages of prefabricated granny annexes is the speed at which they can be constructed, particularly when compared to a traditional brick-built extension or granny annexe. Because annexes are built off-site in a controlled factory environment, according to existing plans, there are very few external factors that can affect your build. The weather, for example, may affect onsite builds but annexes are built in a factory so don’t have any weather pressure!

Also, when you decide to buy a prefab annexe, your annexe will be built concurrently with the groundwork that is happening at your home. This means as soon as ground preparation is finished in your garden, the annexe can be installed very quickly as it will have already been built!

Quality and Consistency

Prefab annexes are built in factory settings using standardised materials and well-tested processes. Because annexes are built in a controlled environment each part of your new home is built with precision and high-quality standards. Annexe providers, such as us have extensive quality control measures to ensure that each annexe that leaves our facility meets our own rigorous standards.

This reliability in quality and consistency is because we needn’t factor in many onsite build issues such as the weather, contactor availability, or human error – any prefab annexe that leaves us leaves in perfect condition!

Flexibility and Customization

Although our prefabricated annexes are all based on a similar design, you do have a surprising amount of flexibility and customisation available to you. Of course, there are limitations as prefab annexes can only built to a certain size to satisfy planning permission, but you can still choose between larger and smaller models, one or two bed, and different layouts.

We also have a wide range of customisations you can make to your prefabricated annexe, both internal and external. This includes a choice of annexe cladding colour, whether you would like a balcony or even the pitch of your roof! Internally, you have a high degree of control over finishes such as kitchen cabinet colours, flooring, and even the appliances you would like in your new home.

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Prefab Annexes Bonus Point

Ok, this list was supposed to be three points, but we have a bonus reason prefab annexes are great, and it wouldn’t be fair to leave this reason off the list!

Minimal Disruption

One of the common complaints people have when having an extension or granny flat built is the disruption the build causes to home life. Building work can take quite a while for a traditional extension and this may be something you don’t really want in your life, particularly if you have an elderly or poorly parent living with you, waiting for their new home to be built.

Prefab annexes and all types of modular construction are renowned for their minimal disruption on site. Refer back to point one – annexes are fast to install and groundwork preparation usually only takes a couple of weeks. Depending on your property and providing we don’t have to undertake any major work to ensure the annexe is connected to existing utilities, It’s a fairly straightforward process and won’t be too loud and disruptive.

When it’s time for your new annexe to be delivered, because the majority of it is already constructed, it only takes a couple of days to get the parts assembled on site, connected to utilities, and the final touches added!

Family Annexe

If you’ve decided you want a prefab annexe, please take a look at our range of annexes, and our process and then contact us. We would be delighted to help you on your annexe journey.