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Moving Elderly Parents Closer To You: Benefits Of Living Nearby

Are you thinking of moving elderly parents closer to you? There are many benefits to having your elderly parents living nearby, both for you and your parents. In this blog, we’ll look at the benefits and what options are available for moving an elderly relative closer to your home.

What Are the Benefits of Moving Elderly Parents Closer To You?

If you have elderly relatives, moving them closer to your home could improve both their quality of life and yours. Here are some of the benefits of moving elderly parents closer to you.

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Opportunity to downsize

Many elderly people choose to ‘downsize’ their home later in life, either through necessity because it’s no longer suitable or practical or by choice if they’d prefer somewhere smaller or in a different area. Moving your elderly parents closer to you, provides the perfect opportunity for them to downsize and choose a property that suits their needs perfectly.

Better family relationships

Having your elderly parents living nearby can bring you closer emotionally too. Living closer means you can be more easily involved in each other’s daily lives. It enables elderly relatives to form closer relationships with their adult children, grandchildren and other family members.

Improved wellbeing

Moving elderly parents closer to you can help with their wellness and health. With family living nearby, they’re less likely to become isolated and are more likely to stay physically and mentally active, which will benefit their general health and can reduce the likelihood of developing health problems.

Financial freedom

Downsizing or moving closer to family can improve your elderly parents’ finances, particularly if they are living in a house that is too large for their needs. A smaller home will typically cost less to rent or buy and also to furnish and heat. Even if your parents own their home outright, selling it could increase their savings and give them greater financial freedom in their later years.

Easier caregiving

One of the major benefits of moving elderly parents closer to you is that it makes caring for them and providing support much easier. If your elderly relative is frail or unwell or lives with a health condition or disability, then it can be difficult to provide practical support from afar. This is especially true if you are juggling caring duties for your elderly parent alongside working and raising your own family. Living nearby means less travelling and makes day-to-day caregiving easier.

Peace of mind

Another benefit of living nearby to your elderly parents is that it gives both you and them, peace of mind that either one is close by. If you’re worried it’s far easier to call in and check on them and likewise, if they’re anxious because of a recent illness or fall, perhaps, they can rest easier knowing you’re nearby and able to help should they need it.

What Are The Options For Moving Elderly Parents Closer To You?

If having your elderly parents living closer to you sounds ideal, there are several different options you might consider.

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Sheltered accommodation

If your elderly parents want to live independently but would prefer a smaller, easier-to-manage home and a little extra support, sheltered accommodation could be the right option for them. Sheltered housing is usually available for people aged 55 who can live well independently, but might need occasional help or support. Sheltered accommodation facilities usually have a round-the-clock warden who you can call in an emergency, and other security features like emergency alarms and CCTV.

Retirement village

A retirement village may look like a typical housing development, but the houses or apartments are exclusively for those of retirement age (typically 55 or over.) The properties may be available to buy or rent and there are often facilities on site, such as a gym, swimming pool, shops or library, for example, and a thriving community. A retirement village is a good option if your elderly parents are active and sociable and would like to live alongside other people their age in purpose-built accommodation that they can furnish and decorate as they wish.

Rented property

Alternatively, your elderly parents may not feel they need the extra support or facilities offered by sheltered housing or a retirement village and may want to privately rent a home closer to you. This option gives them the freedom of choosing a property they like in your local area.

Living in your home

Some people choose to have their elderly parents move into their home with them. This is a big step for everyone involved and not one to take lightly but can work well for some families. If your home has plenty of living space for all your family members and is suitable for the needs of your elderly parents, you might consider this option rather than have them live in a separate home nearby.

Granny annexe

A granny annexe or garden annexe is separate from your own home and can be built in your garden as a home for your elderly parents. This offers a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario for families who want the security and peace of mind of knowing their loved ones are nearby but without compromising on independence, freedom or privacy.

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