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Moving An Elderly Relative Into Your Home: Is It A Good Idea?

If you have an elderly relative, you may be considering having them move into your home with you. Lots of families choose to have elderly relatives living with them as a multi-generational household, however, this is a big decision to make and will affect all members of the family and many aspects of your daily life and your relative’s too.

There are both benefits and challenges to having an elderly relative with you. In this blog, we’ll look at the pros and cons of moving an elderly relative into your home and ask is it a good idea?

The Pros of Moving an Elderly Relative Into Your Home

One of the main benefits of having an elderly relative live with you is that you can be much more involved in each other’s daily lives. Grandparents can spend more time with their grandchildren and you get the peace of mind of knowing that your relative isn’t lonely and has the support of their family around them.

Moving elderly relatives into your home can offer companionship and means there’s always someone to talk to. if your relative is fit and well they may even be able to help out around the home with activities like cooking, shopping or childcare.

If your loved one is struggling with their health or mobility, or just needs a bit of extra support, moving them into your home means that you can offer them the help they need without needing to rely on others or consider alternatives such as sheltered housing or residential care homes.

The Cons of Moving an Elderly Relative Into Your Home

There are, of course, downsides and challenges to moving elderly relatives into your home. Moving an elderly loved one into the home can put a serious strain on the whole family. You will be used to functioning as a family unit and have your own routines and unwritten rules. Introducing someone else into the mix is bound to create friction, even if everyone usually gets along! This is particularly the case if your home isn’t especially large and you won’t have separate areas for everyone to relax and unwind away from each other should they want to.

Moving an elderly family member in with you can also affect your family’s finances. Your relative may save money on rent and bills by living with you, but of course, your household utility and food shopping bills are likely to increase as a result of having an extra person living in your home. If your elderly relative claims benefits, these may be affected if they choose to move in with you.

You may also face further costs later down the line if your loved one requires home adaptations due to deteriorating health or mobility issues. You may need to consider making moderate adaptations such as grab safety rails to guard against falls, or even large scale modifications such as replacing your bathroom with a wet room, installing a downstairs toilet or shower room or even a stairlift.

When you have an elderly parent living in your home, you’ll likely have less privacy and time alone or with your partner or children. This works both ways too, as your relative will probably be used to a greater degree of privacy and independence, which they might lose when they move in with you.

A Granny Annexe: The Best of Both Worlds

If you’re not sure about moving an elderly relative into your home, a granny annexe can offer the best of both worlds. With a granny annexe, your elderly relatives are close by yet they also have their own space and independence, and so do you!

A granny annexe takes away the worry about whether or not your home is big enough to accommodate your extended family and whether it’s suitable for your relative’s needs. Since our Family Annexe granny annexes are all on one level and have the option of a walk-in wet room, you can future-proof your elderly relative’s home and rest easy knowing that changing mobility requirements won’t be a problem.

The granny annexe provides your elderly parent with a space that’s their own and means they can spend as much – or little – time in your home as you both want. This gives them back their freedom but means you still have the reassurance of knowing that they’re close by should they need your support.

For additional peace of mind, you can even fit your granny annexe with CCTV cameras so that you can rest assured that your relative is safe and secure in their annexe at all times.

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