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Signs That Your Elderly Parent Needs Additional Support

In this post, we’ll talk through some of the signs that your elderly parent needs additional support and the options available to them.

It can be really hard to watch your loved one struggle, more so if they don’t admit to needing assistance until their health declines severely or they’re in an accident.

As we get older, it can be to admit that we need help. Especially with things that were once so easy for us to do independently. So, for some of us, we can be hesitant to accept or even acknowledge change.

Due to this stubbornness, monitoring your parents’ health falls onto your shoulders. You should encourage them to plan financially and legally, and maybe research care options. And if your parent admits to needing assistance, you’re already prepared.

But how do you know if your elderly parent needs additional support?

Signs That Your Elderly Parent Needs Additional Support

There are quite a number of things to look out for that might suggest your loved one needs an extra hand.

Changes In Appearance

Sudden changes in your parents’ appearance may be something to pay attention to. Perhaps their clothes are too big from weight loss or they’ve dressed inappropriately due to difficulty dressing.

If your parent has noticeable weight loss, it could be due to difficult cooking or eating, or even a poor diet. Experiencing difficulty when cooking could be indicated by noticeable burns on arms or hands.

Although different to weight loss, malnutrition could also be a sign of underlying health problems.

Poor personal hygiene and poor oral hygiene may indicate a decline in personal care and infrequent bathing. This could be linked to a declining mental state or difficulty with mobility.

Changes In Behaviour And Cognitive State

Losing things of memory loss doesn’t always equate to bad health. But it’s important to monitor the frequency of such things happening, and if it relates to your elderly parent needing additional support.

Repetitive forgetfulness or memory loss can be a concerning cause of health decline. It’s a cause for worry when you’re unsure whether or not your parent is at risk or aware of their actions. Depending on the severity, and your availability, it may be a good idea to get a carer to make sure they’re safe while you’re not there.

You may also notice slight behavioural changes, such as a lack of motivation or loss of interest in hobbies. Maybe your elderly parent is showing increased agitation or sudden changes in their mood.

Neglecting Household Responsibilities

Sometimes, the appearance of our home can make a lot of difference. Untidy rooms can often reflect our current behaviour, mood, or health issue. Piles of dirty dishes or untouched laundry (clean or dirty). And keeping on top of housework can be extremely exhausting, particularly for those who are struggling.

It could be due to difficulty with mobility or supporting other peoples’ wellbeing, things which may be less of a problem when you’re younger. The environment you’re in can have a drastic impact on your attitude, mood, and outlook.

It can also be a health hazard if food isn’t thrown out and dust is being collected.

Aging is scary, and watching our parents age is scary, too. Regardless of age, we all worry about our parents’ health. But the difficulties of old age don’t necessarily mean losing independence or becoming unclean. Implementing the appropriate support can really help with the quality of your elderly parents’ lives, giving them companionship when you’re not able to.

What Can Family Annexe Provide?

Family Annexe builds annexes suitable to your circumstances. We have an experienced team that provide a unique solution for the care of your loved one. Each granny annexe comes with a 10 year warranty, and there’s a choice of one or two bedroom annexes.


Our annexes are fully fitted, ready for moving in right away. The colours and styles are all your choice because we want your loved one to be comfortable and happy.

What Are The Benefits Of A Granny Annexe?

Financial Benefits

Care home costs continue to increase, and not every elderly parent is happy to be at one. Additionally, granny annexes are a cost-effective alternative for your loved one.

So with a granny annexe, you can provide a happier living arrangement for your elderly parent and save money.

Typically, a granny annexe will pay for itself after two years, and it compares favourably against the average monthly cost of at-home care.

Multigenerational Living

Many people opt to have three generations living together. This lifestyle option means that grandparents can be a bigger part in the lives of their children and grandchildren. They can take on childcare, share responsibilities, and provide family with comfort knowing that they’re close by.


Annexes are built accessibly – a safe alternative for not just elderly people but relatives of any age with additional needs or a disability.

We’re an adaptable team, and we’re building for you. Our product can be altered to be suitable for disabled occupants. From wheelchair ramps to wider doorways, we can adjust our specifications to meet your family’s needs.

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