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The Granny Annexe Process: Building Your Annexe

This is the final instalment in our series of blogs explaining The Granny Annexe Process: Building Your Annexe.

Suppose you missed the earlier blogs in this series. In that case, you could read the first one here: The Granny Annexe Process: Consultation and Quotes, followed by The Granny Annexe Process: Site Survey and Build Spec and The Granny Annexe Process: Planning Permission.

After obtaining planning permission for your granny annexe, the next step is building your extension. This blog will explain what happens during this stage, along with the final and most exciting step in the Family Annexe process – handing over the keys to your brand new granny annexe!

Building tools and a blueprint

Step Six – Building Your Annexe

After establishing planning permission via a Householder Application or The Caravan Act, we’re ready to go ahead and build your annexe. A team of professionals will start the groundwork in your garden, whilst the wing will be manufactured remotely at our Family Annexe site.

Building your annexe, including the groundworks and the manufacture of your branch, generally takes between 6 and 7 weeks in total. This will depend on the size and finish of your granny annexe and whether or not we need to undertake any additional groundworks.

Standard groundworks are all included in your Family Annexe package, but additional works may be needed in some circumstances. For example, your new granny annexe will need to be connected to your home’s water, electricity and drains.

As part of your site survey, your Family Annexe project manager will have already checked the availability of all the utilities such as water, drainage and electricity and confirmed whether or not these are easily accessible. There will also need to be space for a small skip, for the removal of waste building materials. 

If any additional groundworks are required to connect your annexe to your property’s utilities, this will already have been discussed with you and included as part of your final quote.

Additional groundworks might take a little longer to complete but rest assured that in the meantime, your new annexe is being built to your exact specifications so that it’s ready to go the minute your garden has been prepared.

Your completed annexe will be loaded onto a lorry and transported to your home when all the necessary groundworks are complete.

The team will arrive fully prepared with all the equipment and tools they need to install your granny annexe to be installed quickly and safely with minimal disruption to you and your neighbours.

The Granny Annexe Process: Building Your Annexe - A family getting together

Finishing Touches to Your Annexe

Once your granny annexe has been installed in your garden and connected to your home’s utilities, our team will start putting the finishing touches on your annexe.

Here at Family Annexe, we offer a turnkey service, meaning when we hand over the keys to your new annexe, it will be ready for you to move in right away. All our annexes include fully fitted kitchens and shower rooms as standard, along with radiators, LED lights, and flooring.

If you wish to add any other finishing touches to your annexe before you or your loved ones move in, this is ideal. For example, you could install intruder alarms or CCTV to help keep your new granny annexe secure and your family safe.

Step 7 – Handover of Keys

The final and most exciting step in the Family Annexe process is the handover of keys! After our team has added those final finishing touches to your granny annexe, it will be ready to move into, and this is when we hand over the keys to your brand new addition.

After handing over the keys, a member of the Family Annexe team will give you a guided tour of your new annexe and explain how everything works, from heating and lighting to your new oven, so that you’re confident to move in right away.

This tour also allows you to ask as many questions as you want about your new granny annexe and get to know it inside out. We encourage you to give the branch a thorough inspection and let us know if there’s anything you’re unhappy with.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new annexe and for your loved ones to feel happy and comfortable living there.

If you’re happy with your annexe, we’ll leave you to settle in and start making your garden annexe into a home. For tips on maximising the cosiness of your new addition, see our blog 5 Ideas To Make Your New Granny Annexe Feel Like Home.

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