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The Granny Annexe Process: Planning Permission

This is the third in our series of blogs about The Granny Annexe Process with Family Annexe.

If you missed the first and second instalments you can read them here: The Granny Annexe Process: Consultation and Quotes and The Granny Annexe Process: Site Survey and Build Spec.

After finalising the build spec of your granny annexe, the next step is obtaining planning permission for your annexe. This is a vital step in the process and one that many people worry about. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the planning permission process and how Family Annexe can take the stress out of this crucial aspect of building a granny annexe.

Step Five – Planning Permission

When considering building a granny annexe, one of the first things many people will ask is, ‘Do I need planning permission?’ The answer is, yes, you do need planning permission to build a granny annexe in your garden.

If you go ahead and build a granny annexe without obtaining planning permission first, you will be breaking the law, so you mustn’t skip this important step. However, getting planning permission for your granny annexe doesn’t have to be as daunting, stressful or time-consuming as you might initially imagine.

Read on for a brief overview of the planning permission process and how Family Annexe can help you get the necessary planning permission for your granny annexe.

Householder Applications

A Householder Application is a planning proposal that can be used by homeowners to either alter or expand their existing home. This application can also be used when creating additional buildings within the garden, such as a granny annexe.

A Householder Application is the most commonly used method for obtaining permission for your granny annexe and will be handled by your Local Authority planning department. Usually, your application will be assigned to a case officer and the final decision will be made by a team of people. The process for handling Householder Applications is broadly similar throughout the UK but each local authority may have its own protocols or policies that need to be followed, making it important to seek professional advice before submitting a Householder Application.

When you choose Family Annexe to build your granny annexe, this is something we will do on your behalf. A Householder Application is our preferred method for obtaining planning permission for your granny annexe as it’s generally the quickest, simplest way to obtain permission. For more information about Householder Applications, click here.

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The Caravan Act

If it isn’t possible to get the necessary permission for your build through a Householder Application, we will instead apply under the Caravan Act.

The Caravan Act came into effect in 1968 and allows you to keep a caravan on your property. You may be wondering how this is relevant to your plans for a granny annexe, but the good news is that the Caravan Act also applies to other things that fit within the dimensions supplied in the act. This enables you to apply for planning permission for your granny annexe using the Caravan Act.

The act also states that the structure must be movable, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean your granny annexe needs to be on wheels! All Family Annexe granny annexes are built offsite and transported to your garden, meaning they still comply with the Caravan Act despite being fixed into position.

To learn more about how the Caravan Act can be applied to granny annexes, check out our recent blog Garden Annexes and The Caravan Act.

Conservation Laws

If you live in a Conservation Area, it can be more difficult to obtain planning permission for a granny annexe or other modifications to your home as you will have to demonstrate that the proposed changes will be in keeping with the area and not have a negative impact.

However, it is still possible to obtain planning permission for a granny annexe in your garden, even if you live in a conservation area, but you may need to modify your plans to meet the requirements of your local planning laws. This may be something as simple as altering the outward appearance of your granny annexe so that it’s in keeping with the look and feel of other buildings in your area.

Family Annexe’s Turnkey Service

Here at Family Annexe, we offer a turnkey service, meaning that we handle every single step of the granny annexe process for our customers. That includes obtaining planning permission for your granny annexe.

When you choose your granny annexe through Family Annexe, the stress of planning permission is taken off your hands and is instead handled by our team of experts who will decide the best route for obtaining your planning permission.

For many people, the idea of planning permission is the most daunting part of building an annexe and it can even put some people off starting the process, but Family Annexe takes away that worry. We secure your planning permission with a Householder Application or via the Caravan Act and where necessary, we can work with your local authority to make any amendments required to meet conservation laws.

We work with an independent planning professional to get you the best possible results, and you will usually receive your decision within 8-13 weeks.

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