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What Is Householder Application?

The term Householder Application is likely something you will have come across if you’ve been researching planning permission for granny annexes.

Householder Planning Applications

Householder Applications are planning proposals used by homeowners to alter or enlarge their home. This also includes any buildings and extensions added to a garden.

This application method is commonly used for different types of garden buildings such as granny annexes or garden annexes. In some cases, it may also be needed for sheds or garages.

For granny annexes, planning permission is nearly always needed and a Householder Application is the most used method.

Householder Applications are decided by your Local Authority planning department – your Local Planning Authority (LPA). Your application will usually be handled by just one case officer and the planning decision will be granted by the management team.

Although planning is similar across the country, each LPA will have slightly different processes and specific local policies. Therefore it is important to seek professional guidance when applying as a planning professional will understand these differences between each LPA.

Sycamore Granny Annexe with Pitched Roof
Sycamore: Two-Bed Annexe

Granny Annexe Householder Application

Here at Family Annexe, we take care of planning permission on your behalf so there is no need to worry about Householder Application. It is still useful to know the process though and what we will do for you.

Before we get started on your granny annexe, we apply for planning on your behalf by submitting a Householder Application to your Local Planning Authority (LPA) – this is our preferred method to obtain planning permission as in most cases it is a simple process and goes smoothly.

Where we see there may be an objection that can’t be worked around, we also apply under the Caravan Act. We will always inform you which methods have been used beforehand.

As mentioned, the Householder Application is usually a very straightforward process but if you live in a Conservation Area, National Park or Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty the LPA conservation officer will need to be involved to ensure your annexe fits with local restrictions.

For more information on Householder Application, The Caravan Act and to see a timeline of the planning process please visit our granny annexe planning permission page.

Planning Included

Planning permission can be an area of worry when you are thinking about building a granny annexe – you may have worries about cost or having to deal with any complications.

The good news is that in most cases we include planning permission as part of our service, including the costs.

We can do this for several reasons. As a small, family business we have lower overheads and because we’ve worked in the trade for many years, connections, and contractors we can work with enabling us to get better prices.

We also have a dedicated planning permission expert on hand which means we can process applications efficiently and with the best professional knowledge and guidance.

If you have any questions about our planning service or the Householder Application process, then please feel free to get in touch and speak to one of the team.