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Increase The Value of Your Home with A Granny Annexe

Over the past ten years, granny annexes have become incredibly popular, with many families building them onto their property grounds to accommodate grown children or elderly relatives.

But just in general, too, granny annexes have gained popularity. As well as serving as a permanent residence for an in-need family member, these structures also work to give extra living space for the primary residence.

There might be some questions floating around that you want answers for. And the answers are: yes, a granny annexe is worth it; and yes, a granny annexe will increase the value of your home.

Let’s go through some of the factors that make annexes so popular in the UK and how they may improve people’s lives. Whether it is for senior care, promoting the independence of a younger family member, or for use as a home office or family film room.

Will A Granny Annexe Add Value To A Home?

Short answer, yes.

Granny annexes typically will increase the value of your home by quite a sizeable amount. They can generate revenue for a family, particularly in this day and age when vacation rentals are becoming ever popular.

But that isn’t the be all, end all. They will add value whether they are being used as extra living space or a vocational rental area. In fact, granny annexes offer multipurpose living spaces which can increase a property’s appeal to purchasers.

How Much Value Do Self-Contained Granny Annexes Add?

Checkatrade estimates that you can increase the value of your home by up to 20% or 30%. That would significantly increase the value of your property. Nevertheless, the precise value that a self-contained annexe offers to your home will differ, depending on certain circumstance:

  • Dimension and design of the annexe.
  • Physical current residence.
  • Calibre of the finish on the annexe.
  • Area of your current residence.

Precise numbers are usually argued because of all of these factors. Sometimes it really is dependent on the area you live in – newer or cleaner areas, for instance, will add more to the value – as well as the requirements you have for the annexe.

However, it’s likely that a granny annexe will increase the value of your home. Especially if you plan the whole process carefully – and who better to do that than professionals like Family Annexe?

How Much Does A Granny Annexe Cost?

Family Annexe has six unique annexe model designs available for a range of needs and prices.

We have one- and two-bedroom annexes available starting at £61,950. Each design has a ten-year warranty and there is a choice of selecting a flat roof or a pitched roof.

All six of our annexes range in price from £61,950 up to £106,950 with the lowest price being our Bluebell annexe and the highest belonging to The Willow model.

All of our annexes are constructed with the highest standards. Our basic specifications include everything you may find in a newly constructed home. But you can further customise your rooms – kitchen and shower or wet room – to make sure they’re meeting your demands and providing what you need.

internal fixtures granny annexe

You can even choose from a variety of not just internal details like flooring, but also external ones, too. Such as roof design and cladding.

What Are The Benefits of Adding An Annexe?

Besides the few things we’ve mentioned previously, annexes make great additions to your property for plenty of different reasons.

Let’s go through a list of some them:

  • Annexes add value.
  • They can help you expand the living space without requiring a move.
  • Great alternatives for providing relatives with accommodation.
  • Use of an annexe as a holiday rental to generate income.
  • The 50% Council Tax discount offered to families that have a relative living in their annexe.

Contact Family Annexe For Your Annexe Build

Getting the appropriate approvals from your LPA (Local Planning Authority) to site your home is a crucial component of our service. We’ll submit applications under the ‘Caravan Act’ and for planning to accomplish this.

By using a dual approach, we work to speed to process up and allow for construction to begin as soon as possible.

Contact Family Annexe at any time; we’re a welcoming group. If you have any queries about living in a garden annexe, get in touch with us by phone or email. Send a direct message to or call 0330 1332 668 to speak to one of our advisors sooner.

We’re happy to assist with everything from planning to pricing!