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How Are Granny Annexes Kept Warm?

A quality granny annexe is easy to heat in the winter and will feel just like any other insulated home. In this blog we aim to answer the question “How Are Granny Annexes Kept Warm?” Read on to find out how you can stay warm and snug this winter in a garden annexe.

Are Garden Annexes Heated?

For some, just the words ‘garden annexe’ conjures up images of a cold, dusty shed and they wouldn’t automatically think of a warm place to live.

In some cases, that can be true. If you purchase a poor-quality annexe or don’t connect the annexe to a fuel source. For most people, annexes are occasional use buildings or are used more in the summer months so they don’t need insulation or heating.

Our granny annexe designs are different.

Built specifically to live inside, full time, our annexes are just as well insulated as any regular home. No matter the weather, one of our prefab annexes makes a cosy home.

The insulation we use means the annexe is warm in winter as heat is trapped inside, whilst in summer, the insulation helps protect the annexe from hot temperatures.

In addition to being properly insulated, annexes can be heated in a conventional way such as with radiators.

As our annexes are fitted to use the power supply from the property they are attached to, we install electric radiators to ensure your annexe is suitably heated all year round.

Once your annexe is complete, you are also free to add additional heating elements such as electric fire, although this generally isn’t needed unless it is wanted for aesthetic purposes. We can also include this as part of the build if it is something you want.

Another reason our annexes are so warm is due to the materials used in construction – weatherproof boarding on the external walls, for example, or the quality materials used to insulate the roof.

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When it comes to keeping an annexe warm, windows also play a large part.

You may find in some cheaper models of garden annexe timber or poor quality UPVC windows. When it comes to our annexes, they are fitted with high quality, energy-efficient windows and doors, the exact sort you would fit on a traditional house.

High-quality windows and doors make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your granny annexe warm.

How Are Granny Annexes Kept Warm?

In addition to annexes being insulated, benefiting from central heating, and having quality windows and doors, which will be enough to keep you cosy, there are some extra steps you can take to ensure you stay warm during the winter. There are tons of cost effective ways to keep your granny annexe warm this winter.

Just like you would in any home, try to avoid opening windows and doors if it is unnecessary, this will trap heat in the annexe, ensuring it stays warmer for longer.

Window treatments can also make a big difference in wintertime. Close blinds and curtains to further retain heat or have blinds installed if you don’t already have them.

You can buy curtains made from thicker fabrics specifically designed to keep heat trapped during the winter.